Wikimedia and British Library join forces to improve content relevant to the 
Library on Wikipedia 

The British Library, home to some of the world’s unique printed and written 
collections, is hosting a two-day Wikipedia ‘editathon’ on Friday 14 and 
Saturday 15 January. Co-organised by Wikimedia UK and the Library’s new Digital 
Research & Curator team, the event is aimed at sharing the expertise of 
real-world cultural institutions with wiki-knowledge. Details about the event 
can be found here -,_British_Library

Using the resources of the British Library and guided by the expertise of its 
curators, the Editathon will aim to update Library treasures on Wikipedia. 
Library curators will be on hand to guide Wikipedia editors, some of whom have 
already expressed an interest in improving the entries on Magna Carta and the 
King James Bible.

Chris Clark, the British Library’s Head of Digital Research and Curatorial Team 
commented: “There is a great deal of interest in the Library’s collections, 
both physically and digitally and we are pleased to be able to help Wikipedians 
add value to the information about our collections.”

Mike Peel, organiser on behalf of Wikimedia UK, commented: “Wikipedia gets 410 
million views per month and they will benefit greatly if we are able to update 
even just a little of the information about the British Library’s unique 
resources. This is a marvellous way to celebrate Wikipedia’s tenth birthday”

Mike Peel
Wikimedia UK
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