This is the chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, January 2011.

== WP10 ==
We had two great events. One at Thursday evening where we had a debate and
one in Saturday, day time, where we served cake, gave talks, had Q&A and
showed Truth in numbers and other video clips. Images here:

31 mentions in the media! Several board members interviewed on the radio and
TV and some Wikipedians featured in newspapers.

== Photo hunt ==
We arranged a photo hunt in the midst of Sweden. Not all images are uploaded
yet but they will be in this category on commons:,_Leksand_2011

== Accreditation of a photographer ==
The president of Estonia visited Sweden and pictures are here:,_2011_Toomas_Hendrik_Ilves_in_Sweden

==Saving Mount Everest==
We were invited to the Swedish launch of this project and managed to take
these pictures of some mountaineers:,_Swedish_launch

== Planning meeting ==
The board had a yearly planning meeting, this time hosted by the Nordic

Jan Ainali
Wikimedia Sverige
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