This is the chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, February 2011.

== Board meeting ==
One board meeting has been held. Minutes are available in Swedish.[1]

== Wrap up of fund raiser  ==
We delivered our report to Wikimedia Foundation. From the fundriser we got
299 887,72 SEK in donations from 1382 donors, averaging a little more than
216 SEK per donor. This was the first time we participated in the

== CiviCRM ==
We continued our work with CiviCRM, integrating it with the Swedish online
payment system we use, and reported a few bugs to CiviCRM. We also made it
possible for members to update their contact details themselves through

== Blog ==
We made nine blog posts[2], all in Swedish, which in one of them we
announced that we were looking for a contractor to do work similar to what
Liam Wyatt did at the British Museum[3] but this time with the theme
Internet in Sweden, a project we received funds from .SE,[4] the top domain
name registrator[5] in Sweden.

== Wikipedia in Media ==
National TV and other media highligthed the fact that autocreated books with
content from Wikipedia are beeing sold at Swedish book webshops.[6]

== References ==

Jan Ainali
Wikimedia Sverige
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