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This is the Language Committee report for May 2011. This is the first
edition of the monthly report. I proposed this at the first real-life
meeting in Berlin and volunteered to write such reports to increase
transparency of the committee.

=== Committee ===
Most of these items can also be found in the LangCom meeting report sent to
* The committee held its first real-life meeting during the Hackathon in
* Several members volunteer to take care of [[meta:Proposals for closing
projects]]. The [[meta:Closing projects policy]] is pending Board approval.
* If technically possible, wikis that do not exist (yet) will be redirected
to the Wikimedia Incubator instead of showing a "Wiki does not exist" or
"Server not found" error.
* To increase transparency, an observer position has been created on the
LangCom mailing list. Anyone can request to become an observer and receive
mails sent to langcom-l.
* We have discussed a lot of other things, such as macrolanguages and
renaming projects.

=== Approvals ===
* The Mingrelian Wikipedia has been approved after some time searching for
an expert who could and wanted to verify its content. It is now passing
Board approval and will be created within some time.

=== Rejections ===
* A request for a Montenegrin Wikipedia has been rejected for the fourth

-- User:SPQRobin
Language Committee member
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