Wikimedia Estonia report April-June 2011


*April 1. Started regular biweekly wiki-meetings in Tartu Public Library.
Following meetings were held on April 15, April 29, May 13, and May 27.
Sadly participation was very low, starting time has to be changed in the

*April 9. Board meeting via Skype.

*June 4. Board meeting in Tallinn. There were 9 chapter members present
(incl. 3 board members). (blog post:


*April 10. Started our chapter blog. (in Estonian,

*April 20. Wikimedia Estonia and National Heritage Board signed an agreement
concerning cooperation on Wiki Loves Monuments contest in Estonia.

*May 3-7. European Year of Volunteering Tour in Tallinn. Wikipedian Andres
Luure gave a talk on May 3 and chapter members were representing Estonian
Wikipedia and our chapter on May 5-6. (blog post:

*May 7. „Let’s do it“-day in Estonia. Chapter members took part in several
events in different locations in Estonia and promoted especially the Wiki
Loves Monuments contest. (see the previous link)

*May 11-12. Teele Vaalma gave two talks on Wikipedia to students of Tartu
Vocational Education Center.

*May 13-15. Raul Kern and Robert Reisman were Estonian representatives at
the Hackathon and Wiki Loves Monuments meeting in Berlin.

*May 20. Award ceremony in Tallinn for the winners of Wikipedia article
contest about Nordic countries cooperation that was held March 23 – April
30. (blog post:

*June 8. Ivo Kruusamägi had a meeting with Estonian Institute about possible
cooperation between the Institute and Wikimedia Estonia.

*May 1 – June 10. Translation contest in Estonian Wikipedia. A list was
compiled, that contained most important articles (from 1000 articles that
every Wikipedia should have), which are good or featured in some other
language version. Contestants chosed from that list articles they wanted to
translate. On June 17 winners were announced. (blog post:


*May 1. Wikipedian Ave Maria Mõistlik talked about her contributions in a
radio broadcast „Kogu ja tegu“ (literally ’collection and deed’).

*May 2. Press release for Wiki Loves Monuments. (

*May 3. News item about the Translation contest (

*May 5. Longer article about the Translation contest (

*May 27. News item about regular meetings in Tartu. (

*June 29. Article about Wiki Loves Monuments in Estonia (Russian) (

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