Congratulations you have really achieved a lot.  I think this letter is
really good and I do like the fact that you include everyone - the Wikipedia

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On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 12:34 PM, Sue Gardner <>wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I wrote the note below for the staff yesterday. Ordinarily I'd make a
> customized version for the Announcements list, but I am running out of
> time because Haifa is imminent, so please forgive me for just
> forwarding this :-)
> In the staff version I thank only the staff (because only they can
> read it), but here I'd like to also thank all the non-staff community
> members who were involved in supporting the project. They are:
> Mulforel, Mike.Suro, Henni2me, Austin.dixon, Sadads, Saeed, Bburk,
> Eabrockm, Etlib, Ifmicecouldfly, Awadewit, DickClarkMises, Mikechen,
> Hec7, Pongr, Yowitz, Alliecat47, Epistemophiliac, D guz, Kbourq3,
> Rburdette, Neoglyph, Kdibene, B.J.Carmichael, Dylanstaley, Lsukari,
> McMormor, Mike Cline, Bibliomaniac15, Lisadforeman, Starvinsky,
> DocTGarrett, AMDomG, Gabrielm199, Antony-22, Dominic, Pharos, Lau4de,
> Epicadam, Pjthepiano, Profdrew101, HstryQT, Maximilianklein, Dcoetzee,
> Saudade7, Mattsenate, Jodi.elizabeth, Rslough, Lspiro, Ligercat415,
> MichChemGSI, Bonkong, C. M. at Georgetown, J. A. at Western Carolina
> University, Dr Aaij, B. M. at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, A.
> B. at UT Austin, Erhall, Sross, Jmh649, Guerillero, Qwyrxian, Kudpung,
> Elekhh, ZooPro,, Smartse, GorillaWarfare, Visionholder,
> Jujutacular, The ed17, Thruxton, Geniac, Protonk, Donald Albury,
> Sodabottle, The Utahraptor, KrakatoaKatie, Anna Frodesiak, Skomorokh,
> Fetchcomms, My76Strat, Chevymontecarlo, PrincessofLlyr, Fluffernutter,
> UpstateNYer, Nikkimaria, GuillaumeTell, Piotrus, Arbitrarily0, Mike
> Christie, Patrickneil, Blurpeace, Avicennasis, The Rambling Man,
> Ktlynch, Sonia, Bejinhan, Ronk01, Worm That Turned, Ktr101, Dana
> boomer, Airplaneman, Jarry1250, Mike Searson, Rjanag, Cullen328,
> Serendipodous, Bilby, SMasters, La Pianista, Wetman, N2e, Boghog,
> Maple Leaf, Neelix, Nvvchar, Noraft, DGG, WikiCopter, Cindamuse,
> RHaworth, J04n, PeterSymonds, Wilhelmina Will, N5iln, Leszek Jańczuk,
> TonyTheTiger, Shyamal, Alpha Quadrant, Smallman12q, Rosiestep, Chzz,
> MacMed, Banaticus, Thehelpfulone, MikeBeckett, Rock drum, 1234r00t,
> MikeLynch, Forty two, The Earwig, Peter.C, Dwayne, AshwiniKalantri,
> Manishearth, Neutralhomer, Wcrowe, Shirik, Bearian, DiverDave,
> Jaespinoza, Melicans, Ironholds, Mattgirling, Moxy, XKV8R, AndrewN,
> Ssilvers, Juliancolton, Ling.Nut, Racepacket, Rodhullandemu, Basket of
> Puppies, Dusti, Cryptic C62 and CutOffTies.
> Thank you all :-)
> Sue
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Sue Gardner <>
> Date: 27 July 2011 16:40
> Subject: Announcement: Wrap-up of PPI and launch of GEP
> To: WMF Staff List <>
> Hi folks,
> The purpose of this note is to update you all on the status of the
> Public Policy Initiative.
> First, a little background. The PPI is a 17-month-long project funded
> by a restricted grant from our friends at the Stanton Foundation, and
> staffed by our colleagues Frank, Annie, LiAnna, Rod, Amy, Sage and
> Mishelle. (And also in an earlier phase of the project, Pete Forsyth.)
> Its purpose was to improve the quality of articles on public policy
> topics in the English Wikipedia, by supporting university professors
> in assigning article improvement to their students as coursework. In
> running the project, the Wikimedia Foundation hoped to develop
> scalable mechanisms for improving article quality on any topic in any
> language, working with Wikipedians, students and their professors.
> The PPI is coming to a close: it officially wraps up at the end of
> September. And I'm delighted to tell you it's been a huge success.
> First and importantly, the project actually successfully drove up the
> quality of public policy articles, which was by no means a slam-dunk.
> Over the course of the project, 800 students added 1.8 million
> characters of text to Wikipedia, and the quality of articles they
> worked on improved by 140%. (You can read more about that in LiAnna's
> blog post here:
> .)
> What's even better, though, is that the PPI successfully laid a
> foundation for future activities in more countries and more languages.
> The project was a solid proof-of-concept, demonstrating that
> class-based university programs can be a highly successful model for
> making Wikipedia articles better and for recruiting people to do
> editing work. The incentives for students and professors are clear and
> persuasive. (Students think Wikipedia is fun, and they like the idea
> that somebody will read their work who isn't paid to do it. Professors
> like it when their students are engaged, and they enjoy being
> associated with something innovative and ground-breaking.) Wikipedians
> are willing to do ambassador work, and they're really good at it.
> There are a variety of tools and supports needed to make the model
> work, and thanks to the PPI and its participants, we know what they
> are, and we're equipped to provide them.
> So. In this note, I want to thank the staff of the PPI: Frank, Pete,
> Annie, LiAnna, Rod, Amy, Sage and Mishelle. I'd also like to thank
> Sara Crouse, who worked with Frank, Pete, Erik and me to develop the
> initial proposal. It was a great project.
> And I want to announce what happens next. This is not exactly news,
> because it appears in the 2011-12 plan and probably lots of other
> places too, by now. But officially: I am happy to tell you that as a
> result of the success of the PPI, we are launching this year a new
> Global Education Program, that will be funded not by a restricted
> grant, but out of the Wikimedia Foundation operating budget. Its
> purpose is to support our strategic goals of growing the number of
> active Wikimedia editors and improving the quality of information we
> offer, by persuading professors to assign article-writing as classwork
> using the PPI model. Its work will start this fall, and its priorities
> in the coming year will be India and Brazil, with a lesser emphasis on
> Canada, Germany and the U.K.  Whereas the Public Policy Initiative had
> a narrow topical focus, the new Global Education Program will
> encourage participation from all disciplines. There are already people
> pounding at its door :-)
> The Global Education Program will be led by Frank Schulenburg, who is
> being promoted into a new role of Global Education Program Director,
> reporting to Barry. Annie Lin will join the staff of the Foundation as
> Global Education Program Manager and LiAnna Davis will join as Global
> Education Program Communications Manager. Both will report to Frank.
> Rod Dunican will support the group as a consultant, leading Ambassador
> training on a part-time basis.
> I want to congratulate and thank everybody who worked on the PPI.
> Really, it was excellent, inspiring work. You broke new ground for the
> Wikimedia movement, and what you learned through your 17 months of
> experimentation and building is going to be critically important as we
> work towards driving up editor recruitment and retention.
> And my special fond congratulations to Frank, our outreach pioneer. In
> the early days of PPI planning, Frank, Erik, Sara and I had some late
> nights nailing down the overall shape of the project, and I know there
> were times when Frank doubted the project could succeed. He knew the
> expectations were high. But through a combination of ingenuity and
> sheer persistence, he made it work – really, really well. Thank you,
> Frank :-)
> Thanks,
> Sue
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