This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, September 2011.

== Board meeting ==
We had two board meetings, minutes available in Swedish. [1], [2]

== Wiki Loves Monuments ==
The competition was a success with over 5000 uploaded pictures. We partnered
with the Nordic Museum (Nordiska museet) and the Swedish National Heritage
Board (Riksantikvarieämbetet) and prices will be announced at 12 October. We
have blogged about it in Swedish. [3]

== Strategy meeting ==
The board had a two day strategy meeting to make it posible to plan the
operations for next year. Notes are available in English (and partly in
Swedish). [4]

== Operations 2012 ==
Ater the member meeting last month and the strategy evening mentioned above,
a prgramme plan for the operations in 2012 was developed and posted on meta.

== The Gothenburg book fair ==
For the fifth year in a row we participated at the book fair in Gothenburg,
the second largest in Europe. Besides having a booth where we talked about
Wikipedia we also took plenty of pictures and made interviews. Uploading is
in progress to Commons. [6] We blogged about it in Swedish. [7]

== Pool of technology ==
To overcome tecnological problems in creating high quality media for
Wikimedia Commons we have started to build a pool of things that can be
borrowed to make this possible. [8] Media will be tagged and end up in a
Category, which already has over 170 files. [9]

== Community projects ==
Inspired by Wikimedia Deutschland, we have had an application round for
community projects and some have been selected. Amongst the chosen, areal
photos from a baloon, student clubs and street panels (inspired by Wikimédia
France) were some. All are listed in Swedish here. [10]

== Give-aways ==
We have invested in some give-aways so that we have some on stock. Right now
we are having plenty of decals, lanyards, pins and pencils.

== Upcoming in October ==
* 10-16, article writing contest about Nobel leaureates in cooperation with
the Nobel Museum. [11]
* 12, price ceremony for Wiki loves monuments at the Nordic Museum.

== Links ==

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