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Bence Damokos
Executive Vice President,
Wikimedia Hungary

Wikimedia Hungary Report
Vol 4 Issue 8
August 2011
Prepared by: Bence Damokos

This is an update on Wikimédia Magyarország's activities covering
August 2011. August was a relatively slow month in terms of active
project developments due to summer holidays and Wikimania travel, much
emphasis was placed on internal admin work and preparation for future

== Wikimania ==

Six people participated in the Wikimania conference held in Haifa, one
of them received a partial scholarship from Wikimedia Hungary to
== Wiki Loves Monuments ==

Following a meeting in Haifa with the international coordinators of
the Wiki Loves Monuments photo competition we have decided to redouble
our efforts to have Wikimedia Hungary particiapte in the contest.

== Press ==

We have started preparing a strategy for publicizing the Hungarian
Wikipedia's 200 thousandth article milestone in collaboration with the
Wikimedia Communications Committee and especially Moka Pantages.

== Meetings ==

A members' get-together was held on the 6th of August and a board
meeting on the 29th.

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