This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, December 2011.

==Board meeting==
We had one board meeting, minutes available in Swedish.[1]

On December 1st, we inaugurated our new office in central Stockholm.
Information in Swedish[2] and photos[3].

One person was working part-time (80 hours) during December.[4]

==Intensivdagarna 2011==
Arild Vågen and Lennart Guldbrandsson from Wikimedia Sverige held a seminar
on how exhibitors can use Wikipedia and how Wikipedia can help

==Job opportunities==
We are hiring a Secretary of the Association (full time)[6] and a project
assistant to Europeana Awareness[7].

==GLAMcamp Amsterdam==
We participated in GLAMcamp Amsterdam.[8]

==Other activities==
We are working on two major projects, Wiki skills[9] and Europeana

==Upcoming in January==
* January 2th, board meeting

== Links ==
* [1]ötesprotokoll/Protokoll_2011-12-12
* [2]
* [3]ärnets_kontorshotell
* [4]änst_2011
* [5]
* [6]öreningssekreterare_för_Wikimedia_Sverige
* [7]änster_inom_ramen_för_Europeana_Awareness_under_2012-2013
* [8]
* [9]
* [10]

Jan Ainali
Chairman, Wikimedia Sverige <>
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