Today we were pleased to be notified that the Wikimedia Foundation was
chosen #1 among a list of 100 global NGOs.

>From their press release on the announcement: "Recognizing the significant
role of NGOs as influential agents of change on a global scale, The Global
Journal has sought to move beyond outdated clich├ęs and narrow conceptions
about what an NGO is and does. From humanitarian relief to the environment,
public health to education, microfinance to intellectual property, NGOs are
increasingly at the forefront of developments shaping the lives of millions
of people around the world."

The top 100 list can be found here:

And the entry on the Wikimedia Foundation here:

Our thanks to the Global Journal for recognizing Wikimedia, our global
community, and our mission.

Jay Walsh
Head of Communications
+1 (415) 839 6885 x 6609, @jansonw
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