*This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for June
Cultural heritage partners

Maarten Brinkerink gave a talk at the annual conference of the Dutch
Association of Archivarians, and visited the GLAMcamp in New York.

The board discussed the possibility of hosting a GLAMcamp in the
Netherlands at the end of 2011.

For Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM), Wikimedia Nederland has arranged together
with Heemschut that someone can work for WLM part time on the costs of

Lodewijk en MaartenB talked to people of a Delft cultural heritage wiki
about a joint event with regard to WLM.

There is a fund for small-scale activities of the Dutch Wikimedia projects
communities. Unfortunately, the community does not seem to take much
advantage from it. The board decided to promote the fund better.
Conferences etc.

On June 18th we celebrated the tenth anniversary of Wikipedia in Dutch.
Some 60-70 Wikipedians came to the Talent Factory in Den Bosch. In the
afternoon, a photo scavenger hunt followed several routes through the old
town with its many monuments. In the evening we met in the Talent Factory
and had two short speeches, of the Dutch chapter president and the
president of the Wikimedia Foundation. At midnight we commemorated the real
birthday, June 19th. Photos see

Marjon Bakker, our communications employee, visited the office of Wikimedia
Deutschland and came back with a lot of advice.
Fundraising Summit

Board members Paul Becherer and Siebrand Mazeland attended the Fundrasing
Summit in Vienna, Austria, where chapters and WMF were together to
coordinate efforts for the yearly fundraising campaign, focusing mainly on
messages, technical aspects and fundraising outside the yearly campaign.
Press and outreach

The Dutch press, also the most important newspapers, reported extensively
about the tenth anniversary. See

*This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for July
Cultural heritage partners

Maarten Brinkerink talked with the Tropenmuseum, and reported that a
Wikipedian in Residence might be useful with regard of the Tropenmuseum's
activities around its vast and various collections.
Conferences etc.

The only local Wikimeet ("stamtafel", like the German "Stammtisch") that
takes place on a regular basis is the one in Utrecht, the most central city
of the Netherlands. On July 9th a Wikimeet happened in the Flemish city of
Gent. One of the Dutch participants was Lodewijk. Some 10 people were
attending, six of them "Wikimedians". They discussed about WLM and the
possibility of founding a Belgian Wikimedia chapter. The Belgians may need
more input from outside, Lodewijk said.

The board discussed about hiring a person for the fundraiser and gives
highest priority to this.
Press and outreach

The new Wikimedia Nederland website left its beta phase, thanks to Hay
Kranen. It is meant to inform the Dutch public about Wikimedia and its
activities: http://wmnederland.nl/

For active members, the old wiki (verenigingswiki) will remain the most
important tool for planning of and collaborating on Wikimedia activities in
the Netherlands: http://nl.wikimedia.org/wiki/Hoofdpagina

*This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for August

A large group of members of Wikimedia Nederland attended Wikimania 2011 in
Haifa. Among them several members of the board: Ziko van Dijk, Austin Hair,
Siebrand Mazeland and Marco Swart. Some of the Wikimedia Nederland members
gave presentations:

   - State of Glam in the Netherlands
   by Maarten Dammers
   - Wiki Loves Monuments
   Lodewijk Gelauf and Maarten Dammers
   - wm2011:Submissions/Wikimedia
Chapters (
   by Lodewijk Gelauff

Cultural heritage

The preparation of Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) went on. On August 20th there
was a meeting in the Utrecht office.
Meetings etc.

   - WCN meeting 18 augustus
   - Stamtafel Utrecht 17 augustus
   - Wiki Loves Monuments meeting 20 augustus

The board has decided on a "WikiSaturday" every second saturday, for an
experimental time of two months. Those saturdays volunteers can come
together at the WMNL office and collaborate on Wikimedia related subjects.
Press and outreach

Begin August, there was a little wave of "Wikipedia loses authors" stories
in the Dutch media.

Greetings, Cyriel
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