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The following message is just to keep you informed about the activities
developed during the last three months by Amical

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D. Parreño Mont
 (As a member of Amical Viquipèdia)


Amical Viquipèdia has used this last quarter of 2011 to take stock of the
past year, close the Wiki Loves Monuments contest with an awards ceremony
and hold the annual assembly at Citilab. Meanwhile, it has organized
relevant events such as the Global Forum on Building Digital Commons and
Collaborative Communities or the GLAM-WIKI Girona seminar & workshop.

 Wiki Loves Monuments
    - October 1st: Wiki Loves Monuments CAT[1] ends, with a total of 11,086
photographs submitted. The total number submitted throughout Europe was
160,000. See the statistics[2] and the memorandum[3]. Vriullop, Kippelboy,
KRLS, Mafoso, Joancreus and many others.
    - Andorra: The finalists[4] of the Wiki Loves Monuments Andorra contest
are posted on November 3rd and a week later, the winning photograph[5] is
made public. In September, Andorra was one of the 18 countries
participating in the first European edition of Wiki Loves Monuments. The
Andorra contest was organized by the Amical Viquipèdia Association, with
the support of the Andorran Wikipedians and the collaboration of the
Andorran Ministry of Culture's Cultural Heritage Department[6]. In total,
1,255 photographs were submitted by 27 participants, more than some other
participating countries such as Norway or Luxemburg.
    - Catalonia and the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion: The Wiki Loves
Monuments Awards Ceremony was held on November 24th in Barcelona, at the
Palau Moja palace's former ballroom, the Vigatà Hall (Saló del Vigatà). The
awards given were the First Prize for Andorra, as well as the Special
Pyrenees-Mediterranean Award, the Catalan Government's Cultural Heritage
Award (premi patrimoni.gencat) and the Costa Brava Award. See "Guanyadors
de Catalunya" (Catalan Award-Winners)[7].
    - Europe: A photograph of the Sant Ferran Castle[8] (Castell de Sant
Ferran) took the eleventh prize in the Wiki Loves Monuments Europe 2011
contest. See the winners here[9]. Asarola

 Conferences, Forums, Presentations
    - The Global Forum on Building Digital Commons and Collaborative
Communities (Fòrum del Procomú Digital i Creació de Comunitats
Col·laboratives)[10] was held at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de
Barcelona[11] on October 29th and 30th. This event was organized by the
Amical Viquipèdia Association in collaboration with the Institut de Govern
i Polítiques Publiques (IGOP), Autonomous University of Barcelona
(UAB)[12]. Also, the Viquifabricació Awards[13] for Manufacturing
Engineering content on the Viquipèdia were awarded. Lilaroja
    - Presentation: “Free Licenses for the Social Return of Artistic
Production” ("Llicències lliures per al retorn social de la producció
artística", December 1st, at 6:30 pm at the Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc
(Barcelona). Dvdgmz

    - October 7th: The jury for the Viquifabricació contest[14] met in
Barcelona to decide on the winners of the awards granted by the Sociedad de
Ingenieria de Fabricación (Manufacturing Engineering Society - SIF)[15].
The jury consisted of 3 members of SIF and 3 Wikipedians who were members
of Amical Viquipèdia.
    - Meetings with Barcelona's Picasso Museum and the Miquel Crusafont
Catalan Institute of Paleontology to launch educational projects. Kippelboy
    - The Barcelonese Llotja design school, Escola Superior de Disseny i
d'Art "Llotja"[16], and Amical Viquipèdia are undertaking a pioneer
collaborative project in which 6 students majoring in Illustration will do
their internships at Amical Viquipèdia, creating images that will be added
under free licenses to the Wikimedia Commons collection in order to
illustrate Wikipedia articles. In November there was a meeting with the
Llotja school. For further information, see this note[17] (in
Catalan). Dvdgmz

    - GLAM-WIKI seminar & workshop at the Girona House of Culture (Casa de
Cultura, 10 am - 6 pm), where professionals in the museum and culture
sectors of the Girona counties met with members of the Catalan Wikipedia
community to find ways of collaborating. The event opened with a welcoming
speech[18] by the Mayor of Girona, Carles Puigdemont. Two presentations by
Wikipedians Arnaugir and Kippelboy preceded the round table, "Free
knowledge, intellectual property on Internet and dissemination of culture".
In the afternoon, there was a hands-on Introduction to Wikipedia Editing
workshop, in which Wikipedian Davidpar also participated. See also: further
information[19], the photo gallery[20], the first presentation[21] and the
second presentation[22].
    - Agreement with the Víctor Balaguer Museum-Library[23] (Biblioteca
Museu Víctor Balaguer) to cede images of paintings and texts. Thanks to
this agreement, photographs of some fifty paintings from the second half of
the 19th century have been shared on Wikipedia by the Víctor Balaguer
Museum. See the note[24] (in Catalan). Kippelboy
    - Meeting with the Textile Museum of Terrassa[25]. Kippelboy and
    - Meeting with the Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona Miró Museum) to plan
projects for 2012. Kippelboy

 Relations with Government Agencies and NGOs
    - Meeting with the Sant Boi de Llobregat[26] City Council on December
12th to discuss possible collaboration projects. Kippelboy
    - Meeting with Plataforma per la Llengua[27] language association on
December 13th to explore possibilities for collaboration. Gomà

 Editing Workshops
    - Talks / Workshops at Neighborhood Elderly Centers run by the
Government of Catalonia (the Generalitat). Some fourteen workshops have
been held in different parts of Catalonia over the past three months. The
Centers were selected by the General Directorate of Civic and Community
Action of the Generalitat's Department of Social Welfare according to their
interest in new technologies. Participating in the talks were 7 editors of
the Wikipedia in Catalan (Viquipèdia), all of them active members of the
Amical Viquipèdia association: Pallares, Kippelboy, Pastilletes, Castor,
Dvdgmz, Gomà and Barcelona.
    - October 17th & 19th: Editing Workshop for Philology Students at the
University of Barcelona. Gomà
    - October 27th: Editing Workshop at the Escola Tècnica Superior
d'Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona[28], as part of the Viquifabricació
(Engineering Manufacturing Content) Wikiproject[14]. Gomà
    - November 9th: Editing Workshop at the Museu del Ferrocarril de
Catalunya (Catalonia Railway Museum)[29]. See the note[30] and a
video[31]. Kippelboy
    - November 10th. Editing Workshop at the Polytechnic University of
Catalonia[32] as part of the Viquifabricació (Engineering Manufacturing
Content) project. Gomà

    - In the media:
        - Wiki Loves Monuments:
            - El
             - Espai
            - El Periòdic d'Andorra
            - El Periòdic d'Andorra
            - El Periòdic d'Andorra
        - Sundry:
            - El Punt (on the GLAM-WIKI event in
            - (on
            - (on the Editing Workshops at Neighborhood
Elderly Centers) <>
            - Paella de (on
*   *- Annual Assembly, held on December 18th at Citilab[33]. At the
assembly, topics discussed were the Association's immediate future, aspects
such as the coordination of tasks, considering Wikipedians are so
geographically dispersed, next year's action strategy and starting debate
on the Association's next steps. Among other things, the assembly agreed to
make the Association's accounts public. Here are the links to the 2009[34]
and 2010[35] approved annual accounts and the provisional 2011[36] accounts.
    - Participation in the 2011 Science Week (Setmana de la Ciència 2011,
November 18 - 27) with a Wikiproject[37] for creating and expanding
articles relating to this sphere of knowledge. Arnaugir
    - La Caixa's Obra Social (CSR /social work department), as part of its
Recercaixa program, has granted € 39,292.83 for the project: The Use of
Open Content on Internet in University Education: An Empirical Study on the
Perceptions, Attitudes and Practices of University Faculty Members with
Respect to the Wikipedia. The project is being led by Eduard Aibar Puentes,
of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC)[38]. This idea for this project
began at the 10th Anniversary research meeting. Amical Viquipèdia
participated in developing the project and will enjoy the results. This
projects opens a line of collaboration with universities, where the
Viquipèdia suggests and discusses research needs with universities.
    - Participation of Wikipedian Kippelboy in a seminar on museums and the
world of 2.0 at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia[39] on December
15th & 16th.
    - La taverna de la Viquipèdia (the Catalan Wikipedia's Village
Pump)[40] decides how to allocate the € 600 of the LletrA Award that Amical
Viquipèdia won for its promotion of Catalan literature on the Wikipedia in
Catalan. 200 euros will be invested in Wikisource (Viquitexts) and 400 to
the Viquiescoles (Wikischools) project[41].
    - Susagna Argemí published an article (“Wikipedia: A Learning
Environment” - in Catalan)[42] on her experience with the Viquiescoles
(Wikischools) project[41].

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