Jakob Hammarbäck is Wikimedia Swedens new secretary. He started his
position on Friday and is going to manage the association's daily
operations. The hiring is another step towards professionalization by
reducing the load of the board, but also a step to increase the
support to the Wikimedia community and the association's partners.

-To find new associate partners is an important work to extend the
activities. Another important task for me will be the support for
ongoing and future projects, says Jakob Hammarbäck.

During the last years Jacob Hammarbäck worked with organizational
development, both as a self-employed and as an employee of nonprofit
organizations. He also worked with usability and IT development, and
one thing he is looking forward to the new job is to work for the
continue development of Wikimedia in the future. He is placed in
Stockholm and a helping hand in the daily work operations to support
the community. Jakob will, among other things, organize the technology
pool of Wikimedia Sweden where volunteers  borrow camera and video
equipment to create photos and films.

-The recruiting committee had the pleasant problem with a lot of
strong applications to consider, where Jakob finally was the best
candidate with a mixture of competence, record of results and ideals
that coincide with the association, says Jan Ainali, chairman of
Wikimedia Sweden.

Something that will be easier for the association is to work with, for
example, museums and schools that have their operations in the
daytime. Volunteers who themselves are working or attending school
during the day find it difficult to attend the meetings when the
partners have their working hours. Jakob will also involve the
community and be cohesive in the projects to be implemented this year.

-I am especially looking forward to editathons where people in a
particular area of ​​interest meet together to update Wikipedia.
Together, it becomes an opportunity to deepen knowledge and pass it
on, says Jakob Hammarbäck.

Articles about cycling and kayaking will not get an instant facelift
although they are some of Jakob's hobbies. The secretary will not be
editing articles during working hours but make it easier for
volunteers to create articles, correct errors, take photos and create
new partnerships.

-We now take a major step in making it easier for our volunteers to do
what they are passionate about by relieving them from the
administrative burden, says Jan, and continues, Jakob has an extensive
experience in organizational development and working with volunteers,
which is exactly what Wikimedia Sweden needs at this point.

=== Contact ===

'''Jakob Hammarbäck''', Secretary Wikimedia Sweden
* telephone: 0739-237193
* e-mail: jakob.hammarb...@wikimedia.se

'''Jan Ainali''', Chairman Wikimedia Sweden
* telephone: 076-2122776
* e-mail: jan.ain...@wikimedia.se

'''Axel Pettersson''', press contact Wikimedia Sweden
* telephone: 0730-59581
* e-mail: pr...@wikimedia.se

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