This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, January 2012.

== Board meeting ==
We had one board meeting, minutes available in Swedish.[1]

== Staff ==
* One person was working part-time (40 hours) during January.
* The process of hiring the chapter secretary has started. [2]

== Wiki skills==
Anna Bauer attended the kick-off meeting for the Wiki skills project in
Barcelona, Spain.

== Europeana Awareness==
Lennart Guldbrandsson and Arild Vågen attended the kick-off meeting for the
Europeana Awareness project in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

== Chelha ==
Two project proposals regarding reference literature for Wikipedia and a
better Nordic cooperation have been approved by the Chelha foundation, and
are supported by 120 000 SEK (about 18 000 USD).

==Upcoming in February==
* 13, Board meeting
* 25, Annual meeting

== Links ==
* [1]ötesprotokoll/Protokoll_2012-01-02
* [2]

Jakob Hammarbäck, förbundssekreterare Wikimedia Sverige
Chapter Secretary Wikimedia Sweden

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Post: Box 500, 101 29 Stockholm

Mobil: 0739-23 71 93
Twitter: @wikimediaSE @jakobhammarback
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