This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for January 2012.

== Cultural heritage ==

Together with Teylers Museum in Haarlem there is a "challenge" in
which people are asked to write Wikipedia articles about subjects
related to that museum.
Conferences etc.

On Saturday January, 21st WMNL was the guest of Teylers Museum in
Haarlem. Our new years reception (nieuwjaarsborrel) was visited by ca.
120-150 people.

== Press and outreach ==

The anti SOPA strike was a news subject in the Netherlands on and
around January 18th. Many newspapers reported, and our president was
on national TV for the issue.

== Upcoming ==

    February: strategy weekend board
    March: general assembly

This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for February 2012.

== Cultural heritage ==

User:Husky gave a short one-day course on editing in Wikipedia to
volunteers in Gouda, co-organized by Goudanet and The Gouda platform
for History. People made their first edits and wrote their first
article on Gouda history. Around 10 people participated including
people from the local library. The volunteers will continue to edit
Wikipedia in the next few months.
Conferences etc.

== Other  ==

The board of WMNL met in Zutphen on the 4th and 5th for a strategy
weekend. The results should be presented to the members before the
general assembly on March 24th, so they will have time to give
feedback on the results.

On the 25th the WMNL board had an afternoon scheduled on the day of a
Wiki-Saturday to receive people who are interested in a board

== Upcoming ==

    March: general assembly


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