Here the reports for the national Wikimedia organization of the
Netherlands, March and April, together. See the links at
The most important event is the hiring of the first director of our
organization, Sandra Rientjes. Her work started on May, 1st.

Kind regards
Ziko van Dijk

This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for March 2012.
Cultural heritage

    Wiki Loves Monuments - NL is starting off again. Volunteers are
being recruited, and a meeting was organized with the Rijksdienst voor
het Cultureel Erfgoed.

Conferences etc.

    On March 24th a general assembly took place. Three of the seven
board members were reelected, four people joined the board.
    Ziko and Paul participated in the Chapters Meeting in Berlin on 30
March - 1 April. Ziko also attended the Movement Roles meeting on 29
March and was involved in the preparing of a charter for the Wikimedia
Chapters Association.

Press and outreach

    The working group around the Wikimedia Conference NL of coming
November takes shape. Most work still ahead.


    WikiSaturday on 10 and 24 March


    14 & 15 April: Onboarding weekend for the new Board
    21 April: WikiSaturday
    28 April: Editathon at Teylers Museum
    19 May: WikiSaturday
    3 June: Members' barbecue


This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for April 2012.
Cultural heritage

    At Teylers Museum in Haarlem a Edit-a-thon took place on April 28th.

Press and outreach

    Ziko talked with an active member about a certain project for
promoting free licences.


    The board met on April 14th/15th in Soesterberg. The transition
from the old to the new board took place, and the board spoke to two
candidates for the new position of a director. The board decided on
asking the candidate Sandra Rientjes to become director of WMNL.
    WikiSaturday on April 21st


    19 May: WikiSaturday
    3 June: Members' barbecue
    22 September: General Assembly WMNL

Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland
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