Wikimedia España and Fundación ONCE have signed a collaborative agreement
aimed to promote the accesibility of the projects hosted by Wikimedia
Foundation, Inc., including internationally famed Wikipedia, the free

In a first phase of this agreement, reading access to content will be
studied, although it is also contemplated the possibility of people with
disabilities being able to edit Wikipedia.

A team composed of highly qualified personnel in accesibility by Fundación
ONCE and Grupo Fundosa company Technosite, and another in MediaWiki (the
software of Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia) put forward by
Wikimedia España will work coordinately to try to achieve the set purpose.

Even though both teams will initially focus their work in Spanish
Wikipedia, everything possible will be done so that results can be shared
and used in all language Wikipedias.

Wikimedia España

Wikimedia España is a non-profit Spanish association, officialy recognised
by Wikimedia Foundation Inc., as a Wikimedia Chapter in Spain. Its puepose
is to promote, directly or indirectly, all free content initiatives, such
as those hosted and supported by WMF. Wikimedia España promotes free
knowledge especially through the work of volunteers. Its commiment is to
work to achieve a world in which all human beings can access knowledge.

Fundación ONCE

ONCE,  in 1988, creates Fundación ONCE for the Cooperation and Social
Inclusion of People with Disabilities. It has as purpose the full inclusion
in society of this collective and the improvement of their quality of life,
through their incorporation to the work market and by doing activities that
support universal accesibility, the design of products and services for
everbody, and access to an independent life. Fundación ONCE has contributed
to create more than 69,000 jobs and has destined to accesibility projects
more than 500 million euros.

Jorge A. Sierra (aka Lucien leGrey)
Chair, Wikimedia España
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