This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige June 2012.

An easier to read version is available on meta:

== Board meeting ==
We had one board meeting June 9, minutes are available in Swedish. [1]

== Member picnic ==
After the board meeting we had a picnic in Stockholm in a park near our
office. Around 15 members attended.

== Wikipedian in Residence ==
We are proud to announce the first two Wikipedians in Residence in Sweden,
employed by the Swedish National Heritage Board.

== White paper about GLAM:s and copyright ==
The White paper was launched and well recieved by the GLAMs. [2]

== Wiki-skills ==
* Leo represents WMSE in Liege at WikiSkill's project planning meeting
number two.
* The contract with Leo is extended.
* WikiSkills has finally a homepage of its own. [3]
* The results of the courses, the survey and the literature study
previously conducted are now presented in a "European state of the art
report" [4] to which WMSE has contributed substantially. There is also a
section on success factors when using wikis in the classroom.
* WMSE plan a small contest to gather pedagogical scenarios involving wiki
use. More on that later.

== Europeana Awareness ==
* Lennart Guldbrandsson (Project Manager) and John Andersson (Event
Manager) together with Jakob Hammarbäck (WMSE's secretary) all attended
Europeana's plenary in Leuven, Belgium from the 12<sup>th</sup> to the
17<sup>th</sup> of June. The group's main task was to networking with all
of the central persons in the European GLAM sector that participated there
and learn a bit more about the work done by Europeana and Europeana's many

* The preparations for the Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA) contest was
initiated during the second half of the month and invitations to
participate in the planing and preparations was sent out on a number of
different email lists. So far three people from Sweden, Greece and Austria
have shown interest in working as national coordinators or in other ways
work as volunteers.

* A few potential GLAM events that we might be able to participate in
organizing have been identified and discussions have started with a few of
the Chapters about what the cooperation might look like and be about.

* A brochure about the WLPA and the planned GLAM activities was created to
be handed out during Wikimania in Washington D.C. with the hope of
attracting more international volunteers to the project.

* Laura Tuononen has started to work as a volunteer with the external
communications about the project, so far mainly through social media and
helping with the design of the brochure. A Twitter account has been created
and it already has over 50 followers (please see @wikieuropeana and use the
hashtag #wikilovespublicart to get updates through Twitter).

== The Hallwyll museum ==
=== Photo hunt ===
As part of our collaboration with the Council of the Swedish Central
Museums we had a photo hunt at the Hallwyl house. Museum staff, wikipedians
and a few new photographers took photos of the interiour and items from the
collection. A category on Commons was created. [5]

=== Edit-a-thon ===
As a follow up to the photo hunt an edit-a-thon was hosted at the Hallwyl
house to upload, categorize and work images into articles. A template for
linking photos to the museum database was created and will be used as more
images are uploaded.

== Access to technology ==
* The camera was used four times, at the Nobel museum, at the Halwyl
museum, in Härjedalen [6] and on a trip to Leuven with Europeana Awareness.
* A new video camera was bought.
* We have also ordered a soundrecorder, that can be used for interviews or
recording music.

== Community driven projects ==
* One volunteer scanned 77&nbsp;000 pages and uploaded to (a Swedish take on Project Gutenberg with public domain
works), made possible by a scanner and computer paid for by Wikimedia
* The Swedish 1536 bible was scanned and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons,
made possible by a scanner paid for by Wikimedia Sverige. [7]
* Photo journey in the foot steps of Carl Linneaus. [8]

== Upcoming in July ==
* Wikimania, all full-time staff members, several from the board and a few
volunteers from Sweden will participate.

== Links ==
* [1]
* [2]
* [3]
* [4]
* [5]
* [6]
* [7]
* [8]

Jan Ainali
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