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The August edition of the Fellowship News is now available on meta-wiki:

Project highlights in this issue include:

Dispute Resolution Project — Steven Zhang monitored a trial
implementing changes to the dispute resolution noticeboard on English
Wikipedia this month. An update on his findings is in the Wikipedia
Signpost this week.

Gender Gap Project — Sarah Stierch has started developing the first
phase of a new WikiWomen's Collaborative project, which seeks to
engage and inspire more women to edit using social media and clear
calls to action.

Help Pages Redesign Project — Peter Coombe has created three new
introductory tutorials for the English Wikipedia, covering
referencing, uploading images, and navigating Wikipedia. He also
released the write-up from this summer's in-person usability tests.

Small Wiki Editor Engagement Project — Tanvir Rahman has been building
new step-by-step help pages on Bangla Wikipedia. The help pages will
be connected into a portal page and the new help page system will be
piloted in September.

Teahouse Project — We've been working on improvements for hosts,
including a simplified new host creation process. HostBot was approved
for an extended trial to send out automated invites to new editors,
contributing to a 50% increase in guest participation.

If you're interested in learning more about any of these projects,
please come read about what Wikimedia fellows have been up to this
Best wishes,

Siko Bouterse
Head of Community Fellowships
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.


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