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Yesterday, Ryan Holliday, one of the community members sued by Internet
Brands, filed a motion to strike and dismiss Internet Brands’ complaint
(you can access the filing here
. Ryan’s motion argues that Internet Brands’ lawsuit is a SLAPP (Strategic
Lawsuit Against Public Participation) — a meritless case brought not to
win, but to punish him and frighten others from exercising their free
speech rights to discuss the creation of a new travel project. Ryan is also
seeking an award of attorneys’ fees, meaning that if he wins, Internet
Brands will be required to pay the legal costs incurred to prepare the
motion.  The court will hear the motion on November 5, 2012.

We fully agree with Ryan’s position, and we hope his motion is successful.
We think community volunteers like Ryan deserve our thanks, not meritless
lawsuits. You can read about the original suit filed by the Wikimedia
Foundation in a blog post (
from September 5, 2012.

on behalf of
Kelly Kay, Deputy Counsel

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