Hi all,
The October edition of the Fellowship News is now available, and you're
invited to come learn what Wikimedia Fellows have been up to this month:


Topics covered include:

*Dispute Resolution project - RfC closed on universal DR request wizard,
and a new survey in the works
*Help Pages project - Help:Contents redesign usability tests and RfC, as
project comes to an end
*Small Wiki Editor Engagement project - 6 week help documentation pilot
wrapping up on Bangla Wikipedia
*Teahouse project - Phase 2 is complete and activity, engagement and
retention metrics demonstrate impact
*WikiWomen's Collaborative project - Results from the first month on social
media channels show a growing WikiWomen's movement
*Fellowships program to wind down in early 2013

Warm regards,

Siko Bouterse
Head of Community Fellowships
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

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