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The following message is just to keep you informed about the activities
developed during the last two months by Amical Viquipèdia.

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David Parreño Mont
(As a member of Amical Viquipèdia)





   - January 14. Follow-up meeting with the Historical Archives of
   Barcelona. Kippelboy
   - January 14. Meeting with Fundació Suñol. Kippelboy
   - January 15. Meeting with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) to
   discuss a possible Wikipedian in Residence. Kippelboy
   - January 15. Meeting with Samuel Baussom of Museomix (France). Kippelboy
   - January 15. Meeting with the Catalan Art historian Josep Casamartina.
   - January 16. Lleida. Meeting of the Catalan Network of Art Museums.
   - January 16. Meeting of the Wikiclub at the Girona Art Museum. Kippelboy
   - January 17. Creation of the working group for BibliotequesCAT 2013.
   - January 21. Meeting with the History Museum of Catalonia. Possible
   Wikipedian in residence. Kippelboy
   - January 22. Meeting with the Maritime Museum to prepare an
   Edit-a-thon. Kippelboy
   - January 23. Meeting of the Wikiclub at the Girona Art Museum. Kippelboy
   - 24 and 25 January. Visit the Library Service of the Basque Country to
   share our experience with Catalan libraries. Kippelboy
   - January 30. Meeting of the Wikiclub at the Girona Art Museum. Kippelboy

 Educational projects

   - All month. It carries out the Viquiprojecte Viquimodernisme
   Wikiproject with the Research Group on the History of Art and Contemporary
   Design at the University of Barcelona. More info here[1]
   - All month. It carries out the Museums Wikiproject[2] with students
   from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Kippelboy
   - January 28 - EDRA visit to the 1st level of elementary school in
   Bellaterra to receive children feedback from the illustrations of "Parlem
   de... la mina de Naica" that art school students are making in the
   framework of the wikiArS[3]. Jaume Ferrer.
   - January 8. Meeting with Jordi Tresserras of the University of
   Barcelona to discuss a possible OpenGLAM seminar on Summer 2013.
   - January 30. Meeting with University of Barcelona to evaluate
   Viquimodernisme wikiproject with people of GRACMON Reserach Center.
   Kippelboy & Esther Solé

 Workshops and Courses

   - January 8. Welcome to Wikipedia course for students at the University
   Pompeu Fabra. Kippelboy
   - 21 January. Digital Humanities Conference about GLAMWIKI project at
   the International University of Catalonia. Kippelboy
   - 24 January. UIC Digital Humanities Symposium, Workshop on Wikipedia at
   the International University of Catalonia. Kippelboy


   - January 9: Monthly meeting at IRC to chatting with Wikipedia editors,
   Amical Members open to everyone
   - January 21: Appearing in national Broadcasting TV: Amical Wikipedia
   Collaboration with Public Libraries of Catalonia[4]
   - January 7. *How Europeana helps Wikipedia editor and GLAM ambassador*[5],
   at Europeana's pro official blog.


   - 24 January. Lecture-discussion within the framework of the exhibition
   "Land of Athenians" at the Museum of History of Catalonia. Barcelona


   - February 2. Meeting to outline the 2013 ICUB Wikiproject[6]. Kippelboy
   - February 4. Meeting with Casa Batlló for guidance with the
   Wikiproject. Kippelboy
   - February 5. Meeting with Fundació Palau for guidance with the
   Wikiproject. Kippelboy
   - February 5. BibliotequesCAT Wikiproject[7] preparation meeting. Woman
   Librarian competition. Kippelboy
   - February 6. Meeting with user Galazan for the upcoming Wikiproject
   with the Catalonia History Museum (MHC). Kippelboy
   - February 18. Meeting with the Chief Archivist of Barcelona and the
   Municipal Archive System of the Barcelona City Hall. Kippelboy
   - February 19. Meeting with the director of the Jaume Morera Art Museum
   to prepare the Jaume Morera Art Museum Wikiproject[8]. Kippelboy
   - February 20. Presentation of study at the Map Library of Catalonia.
   - February 21. Wikipedia workshop with technicians from the Ministry of
   Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Kippelboy
   - February 22–24. Participation in Wiki Academy Kosovo[9] (Pristina,
   Kosovo) as mentor and speaker on GLAM in Catalonia. Project organised by
   the IPKO Foundation. Arnaugir
   - Weekly. Open Wikipedia editing meetings at the Girona Museum of Art.
   Several users

 Educational projects

   - February 8. Prize award ceremony of the Viquifabricació
   Wikiproject[10] at the Polytechnical University of Madrid. Project
   organised jointly by Amical and SIF. Final report in Catalan, Final
   report in English[11]. Arnaugir
   - The entire month. Museums Wikiproject with students from the Pompeu
   Fabra University. Kippelboy
   - The entire month. Start of the second semester of the Wikimodernism
   Wikiproject[12]. Kippelboy and ESM
   - Start of the UPF-Art[13] Wikiproject. Kippelboy
   - Drafting and submittal of a grant application[14] to the WMF to
   further WikiArS. Dvdgmz
   - Addition of four new Llotja studens to the wikiArS project with
   Scientific Drawing Professor Luís Casado, with the task to draw mammals
   under the supervision of Leptictidium.
   - Fulfilment of requests on the geology of the Bages for wikiArS. Dvdgmz
   - Cooperation with the WikiSkills project. Barcelona

 Open data

   - February 5. Meeting with Mèdia140 to prepare BigDataWeek BCN 2013.


   - February 11. Monthly chat meeting open to members, Wikipedians and
   - February 21. The documentary *La força de Babel*[15] ("The strength of
   Babel"), on the benefits of multilingualisnm is broadcast on El 33
   (Catalonia's second public television channel). A sizeable part of the
   documentary deals with Wikipedia, with quotes from Wikipedians and Amical
   members at Wikimania in Haifa.
   - February 22. VilaWeb talks about Wiki Academy Kosovo and the
   participation of Amical member Arnau Duran.[16]
   - February 25. Meeting with the Barcelona Tourism Board. Kippelboy and
   - February 25. "Viquimodernisme: una cruïlla afortunada"[17], an article
   by Esther Solé in the *Núvol* digital cultural newspaper. Davidpar
   - More coverage of the cooperation between libraries and Wikipedia:
   Catalunya Música[18], Wiki4HE (UOC)[19]
   - Global Voices publishes a news item on the Wikimodernism project in
   Catalan[20], Spanish[21], English[22] and French[23]. Davidpar


   - February 2. Meeting with the Associació Foto-Connexió to explain how
   to create a wiki and what needs to be taken into account when uploading
   - February 4. Visit to the IGOP to speak about the Amical offices.
   - February 13. Grant application Studying content interest and editor
   engagement factors with new editors[24] submitted to the WMF. Marc Miquel


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