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Here is the monthly report of Wikimedia Argentina for March 2013.
You can read the full report (in Spanish and English) here:

== Education Strategy Meeting ==

The Education Strategy Meeting took place on Saturday, March 2nd, at
Wikimedia Argentina headquarters in Buenos Aires. Fifteen people took part
in the meeting, all involved in the education field from different
perspectives: academic faculty members, teachers and Wikipedia volunteers.
They came from various cities, such as Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Rosario
(in Argentina), and Montevideo (in Uruguay).

During the meeting, the discussion took place around the different features
an educational plan should have: main teaching aims, differentiated by
levels, key roles identification in each one, and main actions to be
promoted. The goal of the meeting was to develop a strategy in Education
for Wikimedia Argentina, with a special focus on different levels: primary
and secondary education, university students and teachers training.

After the meeting, a mailing list and a new wiki were created to continue a
colaborative work. We expect to organize a second meeting in the next few
months to carry on activities and discussions. Should anyone be willing to
take part, just send an email to

== Second edition of “Ibero American Women” ==

On March 8th, 2013, as part of the commemoration on International Women’s
Day, Wikimedia Argentina launched the second edition of the contest
“Iberoamerican Women”. The aim of the competition is to increase the
biographical contents of renown Ibero American women, by creating new
articles or expanding the ones already written. In 2011, this contest
allowed the creation of 500 new articles about important women in our

The following prizes are offered to the winners:
* To the user with the highest scoring: an automatic camera Panasonic LUMIX
DMC-FH6 or equivalent.
* To the best article: an automatic camera Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FH6 or
* To the second user with the highest scoring: an Amazon 100 dollars gift
card or equivalent.
* To the third user with the highest scoring: an Amazon 50 dollars gift
card or equivalent.

Those interested in taking part of the contest can submit their work by
August 30, 2013. Check for rules, terms and conditions at

== Edit-a-thon at the Buenos Aires City Legislature ==

On Saturday, April 27, a new editing marathon will take place in Buenos
Aires City, as Wikimedia Argentina and the Buenos Aires City Legislature
invite the community to take part in the first “Legislative Edit-a-thon”.
The aim of this activity is to improve and develop a series of articles in
Wikipedia about the history and heritage of this governmental institution.
The event has the support of the professional body of the institution, who
specialize in the history of this public organ and the building that hosts
it. This same place used to accommodate, decades ago, the offices of the
National Ministry of Labour and of the Eva Perón Foundation, during her
public life. The legislative body also donated a series of images that will
be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons during the following weeks, including
historical and current images of the building.

To take part in the edit-a-thon, sign up at The event will take place
on Saturday, April 27th, as of 16 hs onwards at the Palacio Legislativo,
Perú 160. If you have any questions, please email

== Institutional tutoring program ==

In 2012, Wikimedia Argentina started a process of professionalization,
which continues today in different actions. We want to become a leading
organization in the conception, management and promotion of Wikimedia's and
other free knowledge initiatives in the country.

The project of “institutional tutoring”, conceived in WM-AR, allows us to
identify areas for improvement, adapt successful projects and acquire best
practices through some of the best WM chapters worldwide, like Wikimedia
Deutschland (WM-DE).

Cornelius Kibelka, a member of WM-DE and a former employee, visited Buenos
Aires and took part in this new project, focused on the areas of
Administration, Communication and Volunteers participation. His 20-days
stay made possible interviews with different members of the Board, and
after that, a series of recommendations were elaborated in colaboration
with WM-AR Executive Director. These advice involves both short, mid and
long term actions. The report in English is available at

== Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 - Awards Ceremony ==

The international contest Wiki Loves Monuments had its Argentine version
last September, when 6,034 photos took part in the competition. 10 of these
images were chosen to participate in the international contest. Among the
ten winners of the global edition, which were revealed on December 2012,
was the Argentine photographer Tomás Terroba, who got the 8th place. His
picture gave him the 1st place in the Argentine edition of the contest. It
shows the military cemetery of Puerto Darwin, in Soledad Island, one of the
Malvinas Islands. There lay 237 Argentine soldiers who died in the
Falklands War in 1982. More than half of the bodies buried there have not
been identified yet.

The award ceremony for the Argentine edition of the contest will take place
on June 4th, 2013, at 18:30, in the Buenos Aires Palace of Culture (Avenida
de Mayo 575). Invitations will be sent in proper time.

>From June 4 to 17, a photo exhibition will take place in the same building,
including the top 10 pictures from the Argentine edition, together with the
photo that won the international competition (an image of the Tomb of
Safdarjung in New Delhi, India). The exhibition will be opened every day of
the week, from 14:00 to 18:00.


Kind regards,

*Osmar Valdebenito G.*
Director Ejecutivo
A. C. Wikimedia Argentina
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