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The following message is just to keep you informed about the activities
developed during the last month by Amical Viquipèdia.

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David Parreño Mont
(As a member of Amical Viquipèdia)




   - March 1st. GLAM-WIKI workshop at Basque Contry Cultural Institutions.
   - March 5th. Museu d'Història de Catalunya (Catalan Museum of History)
   announces its Wikipedian in Residence, user Galazan.
   - March 6th. Meeting with Fundació Joan Miró to preparate the
   35-hour-long edit-a-thon to be held in April. Kippelboy
   - March 8th. Meeting to organize wiki workshop in Tarragona. Kippelboy
   - March 8th. Meeting to find a possible Wikipedian in Residence at Museu
   de la Música (Music Museum). Kippelboy
   - March 9th. Edit-a-thon at Palafrugell Archive[1] about women who have
   a street dedicated. During WikiWomen's History Month[2]. Davidpar
   - March 16th. Edit-a-thon at Drassanes,[3] in Barcelona (Commons
   - March 18th. Meeting with people in charge of education section at
   Catalan Museum of History. Galazan and Barcelona
   - March 18th. Wikipedia workshop at Puigcerdà library. Kippelboy
   - March 19th. Presentation of a new Wikipedian in Residence at Museu
   Morera, Lleida. ESM
   - March 22th. Meeting with Barcelona City Council to design Wikiproject
   1714. Kippelboy
   - Weekly. Wikipedia editing meetings at Girona's Museum of art.


   - Whole month. Second phase of project Viquimodernisme (Modernism)[5].
   Kippelboy and ESM collaborating with GRACMON-University of Barcelona.
   - Whole month. Wikiproject about Preservation of digital information
   resources[6]. 11 articles were started or expanded. Wikiproject coordinated
   by Universitat Oberta de Catalunya with Amical's support.

   - wikiArS
      - March 18th. The image set Messinian salinity crisis in the
      Mediterranean sea[7] created by Pau Bahí (Llotja School) advised by D.
      Garcia-Castellanos (I. Jaume Almera CSIC) is considered as “Valued Image
      Set” in Wikimedia Commons.
      - Whole month. Peer review of Llotja and EDRA student’s works.
      Preparation of assignments for Manresa students. Contacts with
new schools.
      - Help page for posting to Commons specific for students linked to

 Open Data

   - March 4th. Meeting with Grup Catalunya Dades to prepare Big Data Week


   - Amical's Twitter surpasses 2000 followers.[10]
   - Barcelona TV, TV3, talk about edit-a-thon at Drassanes.
   - La Vanguardia, Europa Press, Catalunya Ràdio (interview to Galazan),
   VilaWeb, Bonart, ABC/EFE talk about Wikipedian in Residence at Museu
   d'Història de Catalunya. Davidpar
   - Agència Catalana de Notícies, La Vanguardia, TV3 (minute 6:45),
   1, 2, Catalunya Ràdio (minute 3:38), VilaWeb, VilaWeb Mollerussa, La
   Mañana, Segre 1, 2, Nació Digital, El Punt Avui, La Paeria,,
   Bonart, IntocableDigital.Cat talk about new Wikipedian in Residence at
   Museu Morera, Lleida.
   - "Viquimodernisme, not just another GLAMwiki project",[11] article by
   ESM on Wikimedia Blog about Viquimodernisme.


   - March 8th. Meeting with Direcció General d'Atenció Ciutadana of
   Catalan Government.
   - March 16th. 12th anniverary of Catalan Wikipedia. We had a good cake
   during Drassanes edit-a-thon :-)
   - March 20-21th. Coorganizated Sharing Commons Sprint[12], with
   IGOP-UAB, OKFN and Ourshare. Lilaroja, Dvdgmz
   - March 25th. Meeting-workshop at Centre d'Estudis Vilassarencs. Dvdgmz

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