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the new bulletin from Wikimedia Italia (#54) is available. This time
we write about Wikipedia and libraries, the final phase of project
Veneto in Wikipedia, the voting for FDC (with our vicepresident
running!), FEPIC, and our next appointments.

As usual a link has been added to meta, at
Wikimedia_chapters/Reports/Wikimedia_Italia ; more-or-less raw text of
the bulletin follows below.

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== WikiLibraries ==
On Thursday, May 30 in Crema the conference
Librarians tell themselves: challenges, opportunities and
partnerships]" was held. Our member [[w:it:User:Virginia_Gentilini |
Virginia Gentilini]] attended it with a talk about ''Wikipedian
Librarians: hardware and software of a collaboration.''
At [http://www.slideshare.net/virna/crema-2013-gentilini this link]
you can view the slides used by Virginia for his presentation.

By now the voice of the courses and workshops on Wikipedia kept in
libraries is spreading and more and more professionals ask about the
options available to them, particularly with regard to initiatives
aimed at users.
Among these, the laboratory for beginners is proving very successful
(Saturday, June 8th we held the second edition of the course with
[[w:it:User:P tasso|P tasso]], at the Biblioteca Salaborsa in
Bologna). The structure of the meeting is simple: in the space of
about three hours, a diverse audience is presented an overview of the
operation (behind the scenes) of the Wikimedia projects, with
particular emphasis on Wikipedia. They are then invited to try their
hand at creating a user and a personal sandbox (on Wikipedia), to try
to get their hands dirty and experience firsthand the modifiability of
the encyclopedia.

== (Happy) Ending for Veneto in Wikipedia ==
On Monday, June 3rd we had the closing ceremony for the edition
2012-2013 of 
Veneto in Wikipedia] project  (organized from our member Prof. Corrado
Petrucco at the University of Padua, together with Enrica Pagano and
Simonetta Boscolo, in collaboration with Wikimedia Italia).
In addition to students and teachers involved, the event was also
attended by representatives of the Regional School Authority and two
officials of [http://www.veneto.beniculturali.it/ Directorate of
Cultural Heritage and Landscape of Veneto], Ms. Meneghetti and Mr.
Polloniato. The two officials were really satisfied with the entries
created by the boys, end they also expressed appreciation for the role
Wikipedia plays in adding value the Italia artistic and cultural
But it was just the boys and girls who responded with the greatest
enthusiasm, together with their teachers, who on this occasion were
able to experiment and perfect their digital skills. At the end of the
day prizes were awarded to the best entries written by the students,
who did not hide the pride for having contributed (even if only for a
small part) to the collective wisdom of Wikipedia. The following three
entries were judged best: [https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex_O.P._Sant%
27Artemio Sant'Artemio Ex-Psychiatric Ward] (ISISS Casagrande Pieve
Soligo); [https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaetano_Cozzi Gaetano Cozzi]
(ITIS Planck Lancenigo)
National Archaeological Museum of Venice] (Istituto Venezia Marco
As stated by Professor Corrado Petrucco: "It's never too early for
Wikipedia!" The younger students are in fourth grade.

== Elections for Funds Dissemination Committee ==
From Saturday, June 8 and up to Saturday 22 of the same month, members
of the Wikimedia community have the opportunity to elect two
candidates for the
Funds Dissemination Committee] (FDC). The purpose of FDC is to assign
funds to Wikimedia chapters and other groups (Chapters in
development), through the evaluation of the extent to which these
funds will allow such entities to have an impact on the achievement of
the institutional goals of the Wikimedia movement.
Among the candidates there is also the vice president of Wikimedia
Italia, [[:it:User:CristianCantoro|CristianCantoro]], which states: «I
think the goal of FDC is to cope with the difficult challenge to
ensure the highest level of transparency and effective as possible (to
ensure that donor money is well spent), and on the other hand to give
people from all over the world the means they need to carry out
initiatives in favor of free culture without an excessive level of
bureaucracy being an obstacle (we should never forget that the
volunteers' time is valuable both for themselves that for the
movement) [...].»
Here] you can read the complete profiles of the candidates.

== I would like to be a leader ==

We received the news of an interesting initiative called
[http://www.fepic.eu/ Female Engineers Pushing Innovations in
Companies (FEPIC)].
The project, supported by the European Union in the framework of
[http://www.programmallp.it/llp_home.php?id_cnt=1 "Lifelong Learning
Program"], is coordinated by the University of Bologna (on the
initiative of Professor Miretta Giacometti) and has the support of 20
partners from Estonia, Germany, Italy, Malta, Poland, Sweden, United
Kingdom, Hungary.
The main objective of FEPIC is to create an e-learning tool for
professional women, in order to promote gender equality and combat the
underrepresentation of women in top positions of the organizations.
[http://www.fepic.eu/iwouldliketobealeader/index.php I would like to
be a leader] is the name of the (free) online tool  developed by the
partners involved; it is a training program designed to increase the
skills of creativity for innovation and leadership, with a gender
perspective (it is available in Italian, English and other four

==  Next appointments  ==

*'''Friday 28 June, Bologna''': [[:it:User:Atropine | Atropine]] and
[[:it:User:Virginia_Gentilini | Virginia Gentilini]] will talk about
Wikimedia movement at [http://www.cassero.it/ Il Cassero"]. Il Cassero
was created in 1978 in Bologna as "Club of homosexual culture". The
structure hosts a Documentation Center about Italian LGBT movement,
and organized many cultural and recreational activities. The meeting
will show the projects about the LGBT world present on Wikipedia, and
discuss the opportunity of collaboration between the two entities.

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