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Ana Toni Announced as New Wikimedia Foundation Board Member

San Francisco -- July 8, 2013 -- The Wikimedia Foundation today announced
its newest Board of Trustees member, Ana Toni. Ana is currently the CEO for
GIP (Public Interest Management), a consultancy firm based in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil, which works for foundations, non-profit organizations and
businesses on social and environmental issues.

According to Ana, "It is an honor to be part of the Wikimedia Foundation’s
Board and to participate with this amazing Wikipedia community. I
especially look forward to supporting the Foundation’s efforts to
strengthen the Wikipedia community in the Global South and to advance the
organization's mission to empower and engage people in building the common

Since 2011, Ana has served as the Board Chair of Greenpeace International.
>From 2003 until 2011, Ana was the Ford Foundation’s representative in
Brazil, during which time she oversaw the Foundation’s work in the areas of
human rights, sustainable development, racial and ethical discrimination,
sexuality and reproductive health, media democratization and land rights.
She was also responsible for coordinating a regional Latin America
Initiative on Economics and Globalization, an IBSA initiative (joint work
between Brazil, South Africa and India) and the International Initiative on
Intellectual Property Rights.

>From 1998 to 2002, Ana was ActionAid’s Executive Director in Brazil,
working to contribute in the eradication of poverty and inequality through
community development projects, as well as public policy advocacy and
campaigning at both the national and international levels. Ana also worked
for ActionAid UK as Policy Advisor (1990 – 1993), representing the
organization at the United Nations Conference on Environment and

Ana worked for Greenpeace from 1993 to 1997, first as the International
Head of the Political Unit based at Greenpeace International in Amsterdam,
and subsequently as Senior Advisor for Greenpeace Germany. She was
responsible for, among other things, the work of Greenpeace on the World
Trade Organization (in particular the Committee on Trade and Environment)
and she also contributed in the development of Greenpeace’s work in the
Amazon region in its early stage.

Ana holds a masters degree in Politics of the World Economy from the London
School of Economics and is a candidate for a PhD on Social Politics at the
Rio de Janeiro State University. In addition, Ana is a member of the
Editorial Board of Le Monde Diplomatique Brazil, and a Board member of the
Baobá Fund for Racial Equity and the Forum of Women’s Leaders on
Sustainability. Ana is Brazilian and lives in Rio de Janeiro.

There are 10 seats on the Wikimedia Foundation Board and according to the
Foundation's bylaws, three members are elected by the Wikimedia community,
two are selected by the Wikimedia chapters, the Founder seat is held by
Jimmy Wales, and four members are appointed by the Board itself to provide
additional, specific expertise.

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