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COMMUNITY: supporting and mobilising volunteers and editors


   World War I Editathon

As part of an international initiative focussing on Wikipedia coverage of
the First World War, a small editathon took place in Museum Huis Doorn on
June 29. Only a few people attended, reflecting the limited interest in
World War I in the Netherlands. The event however could be the basis for
stronger cooperation with Museum Huis Doorn in the future.

WORK: content, collaboration and activity development


   Behind the scenes at the National Library and National Archives

On 8 June 2013 the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Nationaal Archief of the
Netherlands were open for Wikipedians for a tour behind the scenes. More
than 30 people came to learn more about the work and collections of KB and
NA. Experts from both organisations presented examples of outreach using
open data from the public collections, outlined future developments and
invited collaboration with the Wikimedia community. Overall aim is to add
to and improve content on Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects by
making use of the collections of Archives and Library. The presentations
given by staff are online at wmnl:Backstage event KB & NA


   Meetings and potential new partners.

There have been talks with several new potential partners in The
Netherlands which may lead to new cooperation activities in the future.


   the Maritime
interested in edit-a-thons for their exhibitions,

   The New Institute <http://thenewinstitute.nl/> showed interest in
   donating content,

   Boek.be <http://www.boek.be/> contacted WMNL to discuss the possibility
   to reuse Wikipedia content for their data services,

   The Communication and Multimedia Design Department at the the University
   of Applied Science in Utrecht might be interested in partnering for
their Museum

WMNL: participation and supportNew website

First steps were made towards improving the WMNL website, which will focus
especially on providing information about WMNL activities for the wider
public. The revamped website will also have better interactive options and
will make it easier to sign up for events.

RESOURCES: Strong and sustainable financial position


   Funding request granted

WMNL submitted a request for funding to the Fonds 1818 for activities in
the city The Hague within the framework of Wiki Loves Monuments. The
request was granted, enabling WMNL to organise an editathon, a photo-hunt
and other activities focussing on the historical monuments of The Hague.


   Survey among donors

A small survey among people who gave money directly to WMNL showed that
they generally have a positive impression of WMNL and are inclined to give
money again. They would like to be informed more frequently about
developments and activities.

GLOBAL: International collaboration



WCAC Member Ziko van Dijk took part in the WCA phone conference on June 16.

ORGANISATION: board, management and support


   Changes in division of roles within Board

On 6 June the board met in Utrecht. Secretary Paul Becherer became the new
treasurer, and Frans Grijzenhout the new secretary. Ad Huikeshoven, the
former treasurer, took over other tasks such as the Wikipedia-Dag (the
former Wikimedia Conference Nederland).


   Board Manual

More information has been added to the board manual and this process will
continue to document how the Board operates. The aim is to facilitate
transitions when new Board Members are elected.

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