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the new bulletin from Wikimedia Italia (#56) is available. This time
we write about Archeowiki ("Archaeowiki", a collaboration between WMIT
and archaeologist), an Italian lawsuit that WMF won, the upcoming
GfOSS conference and a series of courses on Wikipedia for librarians
(and interested users).

As usual a link has been added to meta, at
Wikimedia_chapters/Reports/Wikimedia_Italia ; more-or-less raw text of
the bulletin follows below.

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== Archaeowiki ==
[[File:ArcheowikiDesenzano.jpg|thumb|250px|right| "Gruppo di
wikipediani e archeologi durante la visita a Desenzano" - By Fra

Museums, schools, archeology and Wikipedia: project
[http://www.archeowiki.it Archaeowiki] is almost ready to meet its
public. Our Wikipedians in residence ([[:it:Utente:Jaqen|Jaqen]],
[[:it:Utente:Yiyi|Yiyi]] and [[:it:Utente:Phyrexian|Phyrexian]]) are
working side by side with the archaeologists of
[http://www.archeoambrosiano.org/ G.A.AM - Ambrosian Archaeological
Group Ambrosian] for the preparation of meetings and activities aimed
at the development and documentation of the collections housed from
six museums in Lombardia. The project is based on teaching moments
combined with guided tours ("wikigite") in museums, showing the public
and institutions '''the wiki way to see the culture'''.
Two types of wikigite are provided:

*'''''Wikigita goes to school''''' is dedicated to students of
secondary schools of first and second level and will start this fall.
Students will have the opportunity to know the archaeological heritage
in Lombardia and learn how to share it on Wikipedia. Once in the
classroom, in fact, teachers will guide pupils in loading the material
collected during the trip: photos to Commons and information to
*'''''Wikigita comes to you''''' is aimed instead at a different
segment of the population that is not often found in the audience of
museums: elderly and the disabled, especially blind people. With the
involvement of specific associations, introductory meetings to
Wikipedia will be organized; after them, guided tours in museums and
theme-based editathons will follow.

More information will soon be available in an overview post featured
in the Wikimedia Foundation blog. We eill inform you as soon as it
will appear.

== Wikimedia Foundation wins a lawsuit versus Cesare Previti ==
On January 30, 2013 Cesare Previti, a former adviser to Silvio
Berlusconi, has filed a lawsuit against the Wikimedia Foundation,
arguing that [[:it:Cesare_Previti|the article about him]] posted on
Wikipedia Italian is inaccurate and defamatory and that, the WMF was
therefore responsible for having provided a place to spread that
On 20 June 2013, the Court of Rome
has expressed its opposition], noting that the Wikimedia Foundation is
offering only a hosting service, cannot be responsible for everything
that is written by individual users and, moreover, that given the open
and fluid nature of the projects, these aspects are explained very
In addition to the legal victory, it is significant that the judgment
will rest in part on what is one of the cornerstones of Wikipedia:
anyone can edit entries or to report inaccuracies to the community of
volunteers. Consequently, according to the Court of Rome, Cesare
Previti could advance their grievances directly to the community,
which plays the main role in creating and managing content.

== GfOSS Day ==
[http://www.gfoss.it/drupal/ GfOSS], the Italian Association for free
geographic information, announced that from 10 to 11 October this year
the sixth edition of [http://www.gfoss.it/drupal/gfossday2013 GFOSS
Day will be held in Bologna.

Purpose of the conference is to involve businesses, government
agencies, developers, citizens, industry and fans of the themes of
free software and open geographic data. The event is organized in
collaboration with the Regione Emilia Romagna and received the
patronage of [http://www.eng.dicam.unibo.it/ Department of Civil,
Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering - DICAM] and
[http://www.scienzeagrarie.unibo.it/  Department of Agricultural
Sciences - DIPSA] of the University of Bologna.
The event will be open to all and free of charge.

The organizers asked us to write about it now, since the
organizational machine is just gearing up, the program is still being
developed and therefore there is room to send ideas and proposals.

== Future appointments ==

Between June and September, during
'''Bibliopride2013'''], the Tuscany Section of AIB (Italian Libraries'
Association) organizes
four Wikipedia courses for librarians and users]: Pisa (16-17 July),
Florence (23-24 July) , Grosseto (16-17 September); Scandicci (23-24
September). The courses are designed to collect updated and quality
information about the libraries. Registration is required and must be
made at least three days prior to the course by writing an e-mail to
tos-co...@tos.aib.it. At the end of the course a certificate of
participation will be issued: those who will answer correctly the
exercises will receive an additional certification. Lecturer will be
[:it:Utente:Giaccai|Susanna Giaccai] with the collaboration of some
Wikipedian volunteers.

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