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The following message is just to keep you informed about the activities
developed in August by Amical Wikimedia.

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David Parreño Mont
(As a member of Amical Wikimedia)



   - Current Wikipedians-in-Residence: ESM at Museu d'Art Jaume Morera,
   Galazan at Museu d'Història de Catalunya, Marionaaragay at Museu de la
   Música de Barcelona and Glòria Guirao at Fundació Suñol.
   - August 2nd. Meeting with the Mataró Museum[1] Natural Sciences
   Section. Vàngelisvillar.
   - August 8th. The Girona Archive makes freely available all the contents
   of the 1448 Llibre del Sindicat de Remença (Peasan Syndicate Book) and some
   images[2]. Ivan_bea

Wiki Loves Monuments

   - Organization of the photo contest on cultural heritage Wiki Loves
   Monuments[3] at the Catalan-speaking territories. Definition of the awards
   and the jury, website update and organization of Andorran Photowalk[4].
   Another two more events will take place: Wiki Takes Mollerussa[5], driven
   by the Mascançà Research Center, and Wiki Takes Olesa, driven by Santa
   Oliva Library. Kippelboy


   - August 1st. Mention of the collaboration project between the Catalan
   Public Libraries Network and Amical Wikimedia at Europa Press[6] and[7].
   - August 14th. Report on Wikipedia Zero at *Ara* newspaper[8]. Davidpar
   - August 26th. The Wiki Love Monuments contest earns the largest
   photography competition according to The Guinness Book of Records[9], El
   Periódico de Catalunya. Davidpar
   - August 26th. Wikimedia Blog, "Drafting a strategy plan with the
   community"[10], post about the elaboration of the Amical's Wikimedia
   strategy plan in an open, horizontal and transparent way. Barcelona


   - Amical Wikimedia members make an internal revision of the 2014-2018
   strategy plan and the 2014 roadmap.
   - August 27th. Virtual meeting about a proposal to Funds Dissemination
   Comittee. Attendees Arnaugir, Ijon, KLove_(WMF) and ASengupta_(WMF).


   - Writing of the reseach: *Joan Miró in Wikipedia: a comparative analysis
   *, by Kippelboy and ESM.


   - Amical Wikimedia organizes the summer Wikichallenge[11] in order to
   improve the grammar and spelling of 2000 wikipedia articles.
   - Final grant report writing and submission GLAM & Outreach[12].
   - August 7-11th. Some Amical Wikimedia members attend the Wikimania
   2013: Dvdgmz, Góngora, Micru, QuimGil
   - August 26th. Meeting with the representative of the Peruvian Chamber
   of Commerce at Barcelona (potential wiki courses). Kippelboy

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