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we write about Wiki Loves Monuments 2013, VisualEditor, new international
positions held by our members and future appointments.

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  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=== Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 ==
Sunday, September 1, [http://www.wikilovesmonuments.org/ Wiki Loves
Monuments 2013] officially began. The photo competition is open to
everybody who wants to help illustrate Wikipedia and enhance the world
cultural heritage. The competition kicks off with the figures of the
important achievements in the previous year ('''353,768 images''' received
, '''more than 15,000 people''' involved) and with its recognition as
'''"World's largest Photo Contest"''', as awarded by the Guinness Book of
World Records in 2012 (as in 2011).
In this issue there are news at the international level: 48 countries have
joined, including several new entries, such as England, Armenia and
Antarctica. We point out that you can follow
[http://wikizabytki.pl/stats/online ] the evolution of the competition
nation to nation; number
enthusiasts should also not miss [
http://toolserver.org/~emijrp/wlm/stats.php the sites ] with even more
detailed statistics.
'''In Italy''' we have received 13 sponsorships; more than 120
municipalities, associations and individuals have freed their cultural
heritage for the competition, so that at this moment '''971''' monuments
may be photographed (and the number [
http://www.wikilovesmonuments.it/monumenti/lista-monumenti/ steadily

Here's what our president said , [[:it:w:Utente:Frieda|Frieda Brioschi]],
on the occasion of the launch: "''Since its beginning, Wiki Loves Monuments
had a huge success throughout the world, because the protection of artistic
and cultural heritage of the entire planet is an issue really felt. We
Italians are always sensitive to these issues, because we appreciate art
and culture also as valuable resources for our country, as well as the
pillars of world history. I am however very sorry that besides the
unconditional support of WWF, regions and some superintendences, major
entities as MIBAC [the Italian ministry for cultural heritage], FAI [Fondo
Ambiente Italiano] and Italia Nostra systematically ignored the numerous
attempts on our part to engage them. The aim of our project seems perfectly
aligned with their charters; we should put our forces together, for a cause
that has as its sole purpose the promotion of an immense heritage''."

==Visual Editor: What's the story ==
As we already announced in previous issues of WMINews, from the end of July
2013 a new editing interface for modifying Wikipedia entries, called [
https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:VE VisualEditor] (VE), is active.
VisualEditor looks like a simple word processing program and does not
require any knowledge of wikisyntax. [[:it:w:Utente:Elitre_ 28WMF%
29%|Elitre]] is the contact person working with the Wikimedia Foundation to
facilitate the introduction of the new instrument in the Italian community.

We asked her how things are going after about a month, and how
Italian-speaking Wikipedians react. We learn that bugfixing is going on,
new features are being introduced and that even many "historical" users
accustomed to the classic mode of writing are using VisualEditor, and they
are tirelessly helping to improve it with their advice. From a look at the
Recent changes, however, is immediately apparent that, as expected,
contributors using VisualEditor are mostly anonymous and newly registered
users, thanks to its intuitive interface.

* To contact Elitre, you can write at
* You can subscribe to aperiodic updates (in Italian) and consult the back
issues starting from [
* For the latest news (in English) you can always refer to [
https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/VisualEditor/status this link].

* [[:it:w:Utente:Jacopo_Werther|Jacopo Werther]] received a barnstar as
"the first user to create 10 voices on it.wikipedia.org using VisualEditor"
* We are collecting [
on the characteristics of VisualEditor that the Italian community
prefers. Did you already share yours?

== Wikimedia Italia members contributing to international boards ==
[[:it:w:Utente:Frieda|Frieda Brioschi]]'' (President of Wikimedia Italia)''
has become part of the
[http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/GAC#Current_membersGrant Advisory
Committee], the commission made up of volunteers who help
the Wikimedia Foundation in allocating funding.

[[:it:w:Utente:Aubrey|Andrea Zanni]]'' (Head of projects for Wikimedia
Italia)'' announced that a [
https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/openaccess new international
mailing list] (in English) was born. The list is about Open Access to
scientific literature. Zanni says: "If you're a librarian, a researcher, a
hacker or just a lover of free culture, join us! We'll reflect together on
how to make concrete the research and science of the commons goods ".

== Future appointments ==

Here there are the appointements involving Wikimedia Italia this month. For
the complete calendar, look at
Vi ricordiamo qui gli eventi che coinvolgeranno Wikimedia Italia nell'arco
del prossimo mese, per il calendario completo vi invitiamo
[[Diario_di_bordo|Diario di Bordo]] on our site.

* Grosseto, 16-17 September; Scandicci, 23-24 September: [
about Wikipedia for librarians and users] during [
promoted by the Tuscany Section of AIB (Italian
Library Association).

* 4-5-6 October, Rovereto (TN): [http://conf.openstreetmap.it Annual
Conference] of the Italian community of OpenStreetMap.

* 5 October, Florence: Wikimedia Italy participates in the [
http://www.aib.it/attivita/bibliopride/bibliopride2013/ National Day of
Libraries - Bibliopride 2013].

== Flash news ==
[[File:TESSERA 2013.png|150px|left|]] 2013 member cards are arriving into
the homes of all members of Wikimedia Italia. If you are not yet registered
you can do so by following the directions found [[Iscrizioni|on the site]],
while if you need to communicate a change in your address this is the right
time (write to segrete...@wikimedia.it).

''(Member card assembled by Jollyroger - Picture of Nicola D'Orta,
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