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Here is the monthly report of Wikimedia Argentina for August 2013.
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Also, the full reports of past months are available at

1. Wikimania 2013
2. New website for Wikimedia Argentina
3. Conferences about Digitization Project
4. Creative Commons Global Summit
5. Literary contests in Buenos Aires Province
6. Conference at the National University of Córdoba

== Wikimania 2013 ==

As in previous editions, we took part at the international summit that
unites Wikimedians all over the world. This 2013 edition witnessed the
record of Argentinian participants, with 10 representatives, the largest
number ever to attend a Wikimania (not counting the 2009 edition, held in
Buenos Aires). Wikimedia Argentina supported the participation of 3 members
of the association.

The topics addressed in the different presentations run through the most
important topics of the movement, including for example the Wikimedia
Foundation's strategy for developing countries, activities from local
chapters all over the world, and the road ahead for the movement in the
following years. Some technical breakthroughs were also addressed, like the
visual editor project from the Editor Engagement Team.

Wikimedia Argentina participated in several activities with other Ibero
American groups, as part of the Iberocoop initiative. Some opportunities
for cooperation were drafted and will be developed further in the summit to
be held in Mexico City next October. Wikimedia Argentina participated with
other Iberocoop members in a small stand at the Chapters Village and also
gave a presentation about the Mujeres Iberoamericanas contest.

== New website for Wikimedia Argentina ==

After a month's work, we launched our new website, with a strong graphic
identity and new sections. This new platform has a special section for the
organization's events, including them in a calendar and tools to share them
more easily, engaging better with our members and volunteers.

A header highlights the most important news, and the projects we develop
are more visible now as well. We hope that this new platform allows a
better communication with our members (also, allowing them to promote their
own projects and activities, as long as they are in line with the
organization's goals) and with the general public that approaches Wikimedia
Argentina for more information.

The new website is available on

== Conferences about Digitization Project ==

On Tuesday, August 20th, Wikimedia Argentina made a presentation at the
Faculty of Arts at the University of Buenos Aires about the digitalization
program based on do-it-yourself scanners that our Association has conducted
with other institutions in the past year. Daniel Reetz, creator of the DIY
Book Scanner Project, shared his experience and discussed the relationship
between digitization, public domain and new technologies. On Thursday
August 22, Reetz made a presentation at the Creative Commons Global Summit
and the next day held a similar talk on the Library of the Faculty of
Humanities and Education (FaHCE) of the National University of La Plata.

In the past year, Wikimedia Argentina has supported digitization of
academic and historical material possessed by various Argentine
institutions and has promoted their upload to Wikimedia Commons and
Wikisource. While the Faculty of Arts of the UBA has used its own scanner,
FaHCE Library has a scanner built by Wikimedia Argentina and delivered on a
free loan. The DIY scanners are devices easily put together with
prefabricated parts that allows anyone to scan books and documents at a low
cost. To date, 71 documents have been digitized and uploaded to Wikimedia
Commons for free use by these and other institutions (see

== Creative Commons Global Summit ==

The Creative Commons Global Summit was held this year in Argentina and was
organized jointly by Wikimedia Argentina and Fundación Vía Libre (who
together represent Creative Commons in the country). It was the first
edition of this conference on a Spanish-speaking country. The summit
brought together the Creative Commons affiliates from around the world
along with the CC board members, their staff, colleagues, representatives
and others interested in the present and future of free culture.

Participants discussed strategies for strengthening Creative Commons and
its global community and made several presentations on the latest
developments in the global movement, while many volunteers had the
opportunity to expose local and international projects using Creative
Commons licenses. Between August 21 and 24, more than 300 people
participated at the San Martin Cultural Center, the main venue of the

On Friday August 23, the most anticipated events of the summit took place:
the presentation of Lawrence Lessig, who drew attention to the copyright
license limitations currently taking place in creative processes. Lessig
also raised questions and key issues of the debate on copyright and
outreach, and proposed key aspects to be considered in proposals for
copyright reform. A summary of this presentation is available on our
website (in Spanish at

== Literary contests in Buenos Aires Province ==

Wikimedia Argentina is supporting a series of literary contests organized
by the Direction of Libraries and Reading Promotion of the Buenos Aires
Province. These contests consist of the 3rd. "Arturo Jauretche" National
Essay Contest, the 3rd. "Enrique Santos Discépolo" National Drama Contest
and the VII "Haroldo Conti" National Contest for Young Story-tellers. Works
can be submitted from July 18th to October 18th.

The winners will not only have a prize money: the 15 best works will be
published in a collection whose digital edition will also be uploaded to
Wikimedia Commons and Spanish Wikisource. Rules are available on our
website (in Spanish at

Support for these contests is given in the framework of the cooperation
agreement signed between Wikimedia Argentina and the Cultural Institute of
the Buenos Aires Province.

== Conference at the National University of Córdoba ==

As part of our collaboration agreement with the National University of
Córdooba, on Thursday August 29th, the conference "Free licences and access
to knowledge at the university" was presented by Evelin Heidel and Beatriz
Busaniche, members of Wikimedia Argentina. The summit was organized by the
Education Technology Area of the institution and the local chapter.


Kind regards,

*Osmar Valdebenito G.*
Director Ejecutivo
A. C. Wikimedia Argentina
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