Hi folks,

As you know, in July 2012 the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees asked
me to set up the Funds Dissemination Committee, a volunteer-driven advisory
committee created to make recommendations to the Board allocating funds for
chapters and other Wikimedia movement entities. I did that, and the FDC has
now been fully operational for a little more than a year.

As part of the FDC framework, I committed that after the FDC’s first year
of operation I would create a report for the Board that documented the
state of the FDC at that moment in time, and told the Board about any
revisions we had made to the process as a result of stakeholder input
during its first year.

The purpose of this note is to tell you that report is now posted. It’s

If you’ve got comments on the report I’d suggest that rather than replying
to this list, you leave them on the talk page. And, my thanks to everyone
who contributed to the FDC's first year of operations, and also to the
report :-)

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