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Please see below Wikimedia UK's report for August 2013. The report can be
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Below is the Wikimedia UK monthly
report<https://wiki.wikimedia.org.uk/wiki/Reports> for
the period 1st to 31st August 2013. If you want to keep up with the
chapter's activities as they happen, please subscribe to our
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and/or follow us on Twitter <http://twitter.com/wikimediauk>. If you have
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Programme activities

Discussions / training of the following: the Welsh Society at Monmouth,
presentation at Cardiff University (discussed wiki with Ken Skates), the
Coleg Cymraeg (met Ioan Matthews Chief Exec, Dr Dafydd Trystan and Dr Dylan
Phillips), Swansea University (met Proff. Iwan Davies, Deputy Vice
Chancellor, Dr Rhys Jones etc), HWB (met Catrin Hughes), Bridgend County
Council (Mike Evans), SAW (met Katie Fisher). Welsh Book Council places
3,249 professionally written book reviews on CC-BY-SA.

 *Microgrant outcome*

Andy Mabbett <https://wiki.wikimedia.org.uk/wiki/User:Pigsonthewing>
applied for a microgrant for sound recording equipment to support his
project to record the voices of notable people to include in the
appropriate Wikipedia articles. More detail can be seen
Updates on Andy's project will be made available at a later date.

 GLAM activities

On the 8th August we ran our first evening GLAM editathon in
It was our first event at Conway hall, and it established that we could get
people to an evening event, even in August, though few of the participants
were actually commuters.


Work continued in preparation for the September migration of this wiki to
Wikimedia UK hosting.

 Other activities

 *Wiki Loves Monuments*

August was the busiest month for the WLM volunteers and helpers, getting
everything ready for the start of the contest on 1st September. During the
month significant staff assistance was made available to take up some of
the strains without which the volunteers would not have coped. Tasks for
the month (volunteers with staff assistance) included finalising the lists
on the English Wikipedia, dealing with template issues, setting up and
working on the WLM website <http://www.wikilovesmonuments.org.uk/>, writing
blog entries, answering user queries, liaising with the press, notifying
the competition to 250+ local history, civic, and photographic societies
around the country, setting up the UK jury, liaising with the international
competition organisers, proving technical feedback and testing of the
proposed jury tool, and providing Welsh language support.


Information about grants that are currently running, and how to submit a
grant application of your own, are at

 UK press coverage (and coverage of UK projects & activities)

Storming Wikipedia - Project tackles the site's 'women problem' -
 Blog posts this month

5 August - EduWiki Conference 2013 - call for

7 August - Revitalising Wikipedia coverage of women

9 August - Wikimedia Chapters to deliver Wikimedia Diversity

12 August - Wiki Loves Monuments recruits distinguished

13 August - Congratulations and thank you to the Wikimania 2013

16 August - A month as Wikimedian in Residence at the National Library of

21 August - Notes from the editathon at Conway Hall,

 Events in August

Take a look here <https://wiki.wikimedia.org.uk/wiki/Events#August> for a
full list of events which took place in August.

For upcoming events please see Events<https://wiki.wikimedia.org.uk/wiki/Events>

 Administrative activities
 Board activities

Three Board members (Chris, Saad and Alastair) attended Wikimania in Hong
Kong. We had a number of very productive meetings and sessions with the
Foundation, FDC and other Chapters. Chris was interviewed as part of
Wikimedia Deutschland's Chapters

 News from the Chief Exec  *For information on Jon's activities this month,
see **News from the

For the 'holiday month' a lot happened. See our reports on Wikimania Hong
Kong for instance. The office did more than chug along. A huge amount of
preparation want on towards the autumn and winter programme, Wiki loves
monuments in particular. In parallel the trustees were working towards the
expansion of the board. The number of volunteers has been growing steadily
as well and we hit the 100 mark eventually.


Please see the above links to relevant press coverage received in August
and blog posts published during the same period. Key communications
projects worked on during August included writing proposals to present at
the Open Government Partnership and MozFest, reviewing our suite of printed
publications, supporting Wiki Loves Monuments (including working on its
website). A Wikimedia UK supporter was kind enough to host a workshop for
staff, volunteers and a trustee helping us to structure and analyse our key

If you're interested in getting more involved with our communications or
have any questions or comments, please email Stevie Benton –

 Fundraising and Membership *Fundraising*

This month, we received £115 in one-off donations, with 5 individual
donations. The average donation amount was £23.00 - 20% of these donors
have had Gift Aid Declarations made and matched with their records. If
anyone would like a full (but anonymised) csv file with more information,
please get in touch with katherine.bavage[image: at]wikimedia.org.uk and
let her know your requirements.

There were 4,786 successful direct debits this month, bringing in a total
of £18,834.77

Up to 31st August 2013:


   185 new (membership commenced in preceding three months) and current
   members - with 11 new join-ups in August.

   35 'grace' members (membership within six months after date membership
   should be renewed)

 This adds up to 220 members who were eligible to vote


   The new volunteer brochure text was translated into Welsh.


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