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= Wikimedia News no. 62 - October 16, 2013 =
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[[File:Biblioteca Salaborsa Bologna.jpg|thumb|450px|center|
''"Biblioteca Salaborsa"'' By Ilario - Cassinam (Own work) [CC-BY
2.5], via Wikimedia Commons]]

== Members' Meeting - October 2013 ==
'''Saturday, October 19,''' will be a busy and important day for
Wikimedia Italia! At the [http://www.bibliotecasalaborsa.it/home.php
Biblioteca Salaborsa] in Bologna there will be a public meeting in the
morning led by some of the members of the association joined by guest
friends, while in the afternoon there will be the semiannual members'
The appointment of the morning will be at the Auditorium Enzo Biagi,
'''from 10:00 to 13:00'''. It is open to all, so we invite everyone to
attend. The underlying theme of the presentation will be ''Libraries
and Wikipedia: meetings and possibilities''. The objective is to
discuss values, aims and perspectives that bind Wikipedia and other
wiki projects to libraries.

Speakers : '''Luca De Biase''' (Journalist); '''Frieda Brioschi'''
(President of Wikimedia Italia); '''Andrea Zanni''' (Head of the
Wikimedia Italia projects); '''Virginia Gentilini''' (Biblioteca
Salaborsa); '''Piero Grandesso''' (Wikipedian).

The official Members' Meeting of Wikimedia Italia will start '''at
14:00''' (second call), at the '''Atelier of the Urban Center'''.
Among the topics we will discuss the events for the next year and the
organization of Wikimania 2015, we will ratify the resolutions of the
Board of Directors; but mainly this is an opportunity to meet in
person and exchange ideas freely.
Some practical notes:

* only those who have paid the
[http://wiki.wikimedia.it/wiki/Iscrizioni registration fee] for 2013
will be entitled to vote;
* in case you can not be present, you can delegate another member (see
this page] for full details);
* you must register by filling out the
[https://assembleaottobre2013.eventbrite.com online form] (by Friday,
18 October, noon);
* or any practical information (including beds and hitches by car) see
the dedicated page], updated until the last minute.

== Bibliohackathon Florence ==
Bibliohackathon is around the corner: on October 26th in Florence at
the [http://www.bncf.firenze.sbn.it/ National Central Library]
Wikipedians, librarians and geeks will gather to kick off this pilot
project, in which representatives of each category will work together
to learn and discuss something useful from each other.
For this purpose, several workshops have been planned, among which we
point out those about Thesaurus, Wikidata, VIAF, Pywikipediabot and
OpenAccess. The beginning of the meeting is fixed at 9 for reception,
while the work will start at 10:00 and end at 18:00. To participate,
you must refer to the
event page] and get a (free) ticket
[https://bibliohackathon.eventbrite.it/ on Eventbrite]. If you want to
contribute and help the organization,
in this guide] you will find original suggestions on what to do and
how to structure a Hackathon.

== EMMIT 2013 ==
The ninth edition of the International Meeting
[http://www.msfteh.org/telemed2013/ Euro - Mediterranean Medical
Informatics and Telemedicine] (Emmit 2013) will take place in Nador,
Morocco, From October 21 to 23. The goal of the Meeting is to bring
together experts from academia, industry representatives and global
health institutions, with the aim of stimulating debate on research
and share experiences with health care providers and policy makers.
Tuesday, October 22 , among the speakers our
'''[[Utente:Franciaio|Francesco Tarantini]]''' will present
'''''Nursing and healthcare on Wikipedi''''', a project that wants to
bring the world's most popular online encyclopedia to be a reliable
source of health information. Francesco, along with Wikimedia Italia
and [http://www.istitutotumori.mi.it/ IRCCS-National Cancer Institute
of Milan]], involved three of his nursing students in the preparation
of dissertations that address the issue of the presence of articles
about healthcare on Wikipedia. The students will have to re-edit the
articols on : nurses, nursing, IPASVI (ational Federation of Nurses'
Colleges). Francesco will be accompanied by one of his students. The
project also involves other people, including
[::it:w:Utente:Ilario|Ilario]] (Wikimedia CH) and
[[:w:User:Jmh649|James M Heilman]] (Wiki Project Medicine).

== Past and future appointments ==

* '''October 5''': Wikimedia Italia has participated to Bibliopride in
Florence. The title of the meeting was ''Libraries and Wikipedia:
sharing of open data and skills''. Following the event two speakers
shared online the slides (in Italian) used in the presentation:
Aubrey, [http://www.slideshare.net/AubreyMcFato/bibliopride Libraries
and Wikipedia: suspected allies]; Virginia Gentilini,
training projects wiki for users of libraries and librarians].

* '''Wikimedia Switzerland''': recurring meetings for Wikimedians. The
Italian community in Switzerland organizes meetings every two weeks in
the Libri al Centro bookstore (via Vegezzi 4, Lugano). If you are
interested in participating, you can write to Community Liaison,
[mailto:ilario.valde...@wikimedia.ch Ilario Valdelli]. The start date
and times will be communicated via e-mail to Italian-speaking members.

* '''October 18, Milan'''. On Radio Popolare, in the transmission
''[http://blog.radiopopolare.it/bigfish/ Big Fish]'', a column with
working title "Stories of Wiki" will be broadcasted;  a story will be
told starting from an article of Wikipedia. For the first episode, the
narrator will be Maurizio Codogno. The scheduled time is between 13:45
and 14:00.

* '''October 25-26-27, Florence'''. Wikimedia Italy participates to
the [http://www.sicampfirenze.org/ Social Innovation Camp] as a
technical partner; we will be part of the jury and will play the role
of tutor to the winning projects. You can sign up for free
[http://www.sicampfirenze.org/iscriviti-a-sicamp-firenze/ here] .

* '''November 7, Treviso'''. The meeting aimed at librarians ''Nuove
biblioteche per nuovi lettori'' (''New libraries for new readers'')
organized by the province of Treviso for the 2013 edition of
[http://www.venetolettura.it/ Veneto Lettura] (Veneto Reading) will
have a presentation on libraries and Wikipedia that will be held by
Virginia Gentilini.

* '''November 12, Milan'''. Event ''New Media and information''.
Within the project Fuorigeco, the meeting will be held at The Hub
Milan, from 19 to 21. Among the guests, Frieda Brioschi (''President
of Wikimedia Italia''), together with Carlo Freccero and Alessandra
Ghisleri; the meeting is moderated by Jacopo Tondelli.

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