The Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige has now been published on our


   - The Gothenburg Book fair, which featured a community driven project
   taking pictures and making interviews conducted by 11 volunteers, as well
   as presentations on Wikipedia in Education and Copyright.
   - The final delivery of the brochure Free public information to each of
   the Members of Parliament.
   - The chapter and Wikipedia were mentioned five times in the
   Governmental budget proposition for 2014.
   - Our board member Ylva Pettersson was awarded second prize in The
   Innovative Teacher Award for her and her students' work with creating
   articles, videos, music and photos for Wikipedia in a project on local


   - Editors involved in chapter activities: 26
   - Media uploaded helped by chapter resources:
   - Media viewed:
   - Persons engaged in workshops and seminars: 118
   - Persons reached in presentations: >425
   - Number of events held (edit-a-thons, workshops, seminars,
   presentations, other): 18
   - New chapter members: 5
   - Facebook page likes: +20 (756 in total)

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