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 the new bulletin from Wikimedia Italia (#64) is available. This time we
wrote about Archaeowiki press release, upcoming Award ceremony for Wiki
Loves Monuments Italia, our support for the creation of the Italian chapter
of  OpenStreetMap Foundation, presentation of Sestopedia, and our future

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More-or-less raw text of the bulletin follows below.

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== Archaeowiki Press Release ==
Thursday, November 7th a press conference of the project [
http://www.archeowiki.it Archeowiki. New archaeologist in Lombardia. Real
and virtual paths] was held in Milan, in the picturesque setting of the
Tiepolo room at the headquarters of the Cariplo Foundation (co-financing
organization ). Faced with a large and varied audience Dario Bolis
(''Director of Communications and External Relations in Cariplo''), Frieda
Brioschi (''President of Wikimedia Italia''), Grazia Facchinetti
(''Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Lombardy'') and Filippo
Del Corno (''City Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan'')
presented the initiative. The public showed great interest in Archaeowiki:
both for its values​​, including the sharing of knowledge as an engine of
growth, and for its main purpose, namely attracting new users to
archeology, especially young students, elderly people and the disabled. It
was much appreciated, also, the fact that the project leans towards the
less-known archaeological museums of Lombardy.

Following the meeting, several sites and online newspapers reported the
news: [http://milano.repubblica.it/dettaglio-news/milano-14:57/11890 La
Repubblica], [
of Cultural Heritage and Activities], [
City of Milan].

A few places for schools are still available. If you are interested,
contact the secretary of Wikimedia Italia [mailto:segrete...@wikimedia.it

== Award ceremony for Wiki Loves Monuments Italia ==
The time is finally over: we are ready to announce the winners of [
http://www.wikilovesmonuments.it/ Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 Italia]. The
appointment is for '''Saturday, November 23''', at '''17:00''' at the
'''Libreria Hoepli''' in Milano (Via Hoepli 5). See you there!

== WMI supports the creation of the Italian chapter of  OpenStreetMap
Foundation ==
The Italian community of
[http://blog.openstreetmap.it/'''OpenStreetMap'''] is in turmoil:
since long it is considering to  to
create in our country to a chapter of the [
http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Main_Page OSM Foundation] and during the
last edition of [http://conf.openstreetmap.it/ OSMit], the Conference of
the Italian community of OpenStreetMap, the idea of letting WMI become the
Italian chapter of OSM Foundation was debated. The proposal was liked by
members of Wikimedia Italy, so today all those who wish to contribute to
the creation of '''OpenStreetMap Italia''' are called to arms: you can just
subscribe to Wikimedia Italia, indicating as reason "to build the Italian
OSM chapter." Our association, achieved 10 new members who sign with this
purpose, will begin to define themselves also as the "Working Group for the
Italian OSM chapter." When 25 users are reached, a request to OSM
Foundation will be made to become the official Italian chapter. Even
someone who is already a member can help achieve the quota: it's enough to
make at least fifty changes on OpenStreetMap assets, and have at least
three months of contributions in this regard. Do not delay! sign up to
participate actively in the dissemination of OSM in Italy!

== Presentation of Sestopedia ==
Friday, November 8, at the Mage in Sesto San Giovanni, the project
Sestopedia was officially presented: Wikimedia Italy was represented by
[[:it:Utente:.mau.|.mau.]]. Sestopedia, the brainchild of director and
screenwriter Giusi Castelli and implemented by the non-profit organization
Associazione Lavoro e Integrazione (Association for Employment and
Integration), is based on what has been done in the Welsh town of [
http://wiki.wikimedia.it/wiki/MonmouthpediA Monmouth], which was completely
"wikipedized" with the participation of their citizens. Sesto San Giovanni,
which made a proposal to UNESCO to be insertes as World Heritage Site for
its rich heritage of industrial architecture, would like to take this
initiative, with the help of Wikimedia Italia for the part of computer

== Future Appointments ==

* November 14, Stra (VE): for the Week of the enterprise culture of
Confindustria, the [http://www.museodellacalzatura.it/ Museo Rossimoda of
the shoe], together with [http://www.europeanafashion.eu/ Europeana
Fashion], organizes at its headquarters in Villa Foscarini Rossi an [
Privileged recipients: students of the University of Padua and
the IUAV of Venice whose studies are related to marketing and fashion
design. Hours 10-16. For Wikimedia Italy [
http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utente:Virginia_Gentilini Virginia Gentilini]
will attend.

* November 16, Ivrea: at [ Officina H] the
meeting [http://www.didatticaaperta.it/ '''Didattica Aperta'''] (Open
Education) is scheduled. The theme of the meeting is "Free access to
software and knowledge in the School and University". The event will
provide an opportunity to discuss sharing of knowledge and free resources
in training. The invitation is extended to everybody, but places are
limited. To register, simply fill out the [
http://www.didatticaaperta.it/registrazione-2013 form on the site].

* November 18, Monza: at 18.00 the exhibition dedicated to the edition of
Monza and Brianza of Wiki Loves Monuments opens. Until November 30 the best
photographs will be exhibited at the beautiful Saletta Reale, near track 1
of the Monza train station. Opening hours from November 19: Tuesday to
Saturday from 15.00 to 18.00 and by appointment, in collaboration with the
non-profit organization Association of Friends of Museums of Monza and
Brianza .

* November 18 and 27, December 4, Mestre: the meetings of the project [
VEZ] keep going on.

* November 24 - December 1: happy birthday [
https://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Pagina_principale Wikisource]! The project [
https://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Wikisource:Compleanno_di_Wikisource is ten
years old] and the international language communities are organizing a
celebration of the anniversary at its best. The Italian team also joins the
party and announces a competition to re-reading and proofing text in
Wikisource: the winner will get an ebook reader offered by Wikimedia
Italia. The competition will be open from 24 November (00.00) until
December 1st (23:59).

* November 25 and 26, Trento: [
promoted by [
http://www.fbk.eu/ Fondazione Bruno Kessler],
[http://www.mart.trento.it/MART] and Wikimedia Italia.

* November 29, Rome: Workshop [
open data (LOD): an opportunity for digital cultural heritage],
promoted by ICCU. Among the teachers, [
http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utente:Sannita Luca Martinelli] of Wikimedia
Italia. [
the programme. It is necessary an [

* December 4, Florence: BTO2013 (Buy Tourism Online).
[[Utente:Frieda|Frieda Brioschi]] (''President of Wikimedia Italia'') will
talk about the experience of Wiki Loves Monuments within the panel [
http://www.buytourismonline.com/eventi/liberta-partecipazione/ "Libertà e
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