The report on Wikimedia Nederland's activities in December is available:

It is also included as plain text below.

Sandra Rientjes
Directeur/Executive Director Wikimedia Nederland

*Wikimedia Nederland activity report for December 2013*

*COMMUNITY: supporting and mobilising volunteers and editors*

·                    Sweden-week on NL-Wikipedia

The Dutch Wikipedia community decided to organise a ‘Sweden week’ to
support the Netherlands-Sweden friendship year in 2014. More than 1000
articles about topics related to Sweden were added to Dutch Wikipedia. WMNL
supported this initiative by liaising with WMSE and the Swedish Embassy in
the Netherlands who promoted the activity via their website.

·                    End-of-year Wiki-Saturday

On December 21 volunteers, boardmembers and staff met at the WMNL office
for the last Wiki-Saturday of the year. In total, 20 people came to Utrecht
for this special festive event.

·                    Wiki-café Groningen en Den Haag

Wikipedians met in café’s in Den Haag and Groningen to get to know each
other better and talk Wikipedia. In total some 11 Wikipedians attended.
They enjoyed this opportunity to meet fellow Wikipedians and want to repeat
the event.

*WORK: content, collaboration and activity development*

·                    Kick-off meeting World War II project

A group of volunteers and staff met with representatives of the National
Committee for Remembrance (Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei) to start
preparations for a campaign aimed at improving content concerning war
monuments both on Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia. April 2014 will be war
monument month.

·                    DISH 2013

Staff member Sebastiaan ter Burg co-hosted Alex Hinojo's chef table about
starting Wiki-related projects for GLAM's at DISH 2013, an international
conference about digital strategies in heritage.

·                    Presentation Landscape Heritage Utrecht

Staff member Sebastiaan ter Burg gave a presentation about GLAM projects at
the soft launch of UtrechtAltijd, a province wide new landscape heritage
platform. This event was organized by Landscape Heritage Utrecht on the
19th of December.

·                    Event organisation and evaluation toolkit

WMNL is developing a (beta) version of an event organisation and evaluation
toolkit. The toolkit is designed to support volunteers in setting up events
and to increase the quality and consistency of the evaluations. In January,
it will become available for testing.

·                    GLAMWiki Toolset

The GLAMWiki Toolset is a tool for uploading large content donations. The
tool has been added (can be used from) the 17th of December. Wikimedia
Nederland was one of the partners of this project.


·                    Media coverage

An article in national newspaper NRC Handelsblad about the future of
Wikipedia (partly based on the MIT report and interviews with Wikipedian
Lodewijk Gelauff and WMNL executive director Sandra Rientjes) led to two
radio-interviews and and a 10-minute item in a well-watched current affairs
programme on national tv. Although the original article had a quite
negative focus on problems within Wikipedia concerning editor recruitment
and software, the media follow-up was more nuanced and generally
sympathetic to Wikipedia.

(Full list of media coverage)

·                    Membership

On December 31, WMNL had 217 members. We started the year with 175 members.
This growth occurred despite a rigorous ‘cleaning’ of the membership list
to remove people whose membership expired in 2012.

·                    Newsletter

The last Newsletter of the year was published. In 2013, the number of
people receiving the newsletter rose from 189 to 360.


·                    A private grant-making foundation donated € 20,000 to
Wikimedia Nederland to improve coverage on Dutch wildlife and nature via
Wiki Loves Earth.

*ORGANISATION: board, management and support*

·                    WMNL started the search for candidate Board Members.
Elections will take place in March 2014. More information can be found on
the WMNL website.


The New Years Reception will take place on January 18 in The Hague.

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