The Wikimedia chapters and thematic organizations are seeking to appoint
two candidates to sit on the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees for
two years, starting in summer 2014.
The two new members of the board will help to decide the future direction
of the world's leading non-profit website. Wikimedia projects are
constructed by hundreds of thousands of volunteers worldwide, supported by
a growing number of staff and an international network of affiliate
organizations. Board membership is unpaid.

The chapters and thematic organizations wish to appoint two excellent board
members and believe this can best be achieved by selecting from a large
number of varied and skilled candidates. Therefore, the chapters and
thematic organizations call for nominations by everyone who believes they
or someone they know would be suitable. This call for candidates should be
distributed as widely as possible through such forums as mailing lists,
village pumps, and blogs.

The successful candidates will be committed to the Wikimedia mission and
willing and able to engage constructively with the stakeholders of the
movement, including the volunteers and the affiliate organizations that
provide it with essential support. The successful candidates will have:
* the ability to provide expertise to the board in its goal of implementing
a coherent vision on how the projects' communities, the foundation, the
chapters, the thematic organizations, the user groups, and other affiliated
groups work together;
* sensitivity to complex issues surrounding the multiplicity of languages,
cultures, and jurisdictions served by the foundation's projects;
* knowledge and understanding of the governance of international non-profit
organizations, balancing autonomy and subsidiarity;
* the ability to think strategically and to work both as part of a team and
* a good standard of written and oral English (fluency in additional
languages would be well regarded);
* sufficient time to devote to the role of board member, and the ability
and willingness to travel.

Increasing the geographical diversity of current board membership would be
an advantage.

The selection process is set out at:

Nominations must be submitted no later than 31 March (24:00 UTC) using the
form on the following Meta page:

The facilitators of the ASBS election,
James Hare
Chris Keating
Lorenzo Losa
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