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the new bulletin from Wikimedia Italia (#71) is available. This time we
wrote about the new President of WMIT, the initiatives for Women's Day,
EAGLE project, our internal mailing list, the forthcoming Members' Meeting,
and future appointments.

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== Thank You, Ms President! ==
[[Utente:Aubrey|Andrea Zanni]] is the new President of Wikimedia Italia.
[[Utente:Frieda|Frieda Brioschi]] resigned for work reasons, after many
years at the helm of the association: she leaves a group that she helped to
grow a lot, both in ambition and in the projects implemented in these
Andrea Zanni will lead the association at a time of expansion, in which it
is very busy on several fronts in the dissemination of free culture. At his
side there is always the [[Direttivo|Board]], in whose ranks enters
[[Utente:Franciaio|Francesco Tarantini]], already committed to spreading
the culture of Wikipedia in occupational groups.
The news does not end there: Wikimedia Italia is looking for an Executive
Director who manages the increasing complexity of the activities of the
association. At the moment the nominations collected during the months of
January and February (the offer for the position was closed some weeks ago)
are waiting to be screened in the board, responsible for selecting the new
member of staff.

'''''The sincerest thanks to Frieda Brioschi from all the Board and the
staff of Wikimedia Italia, for her dedication, passion and skill with which
she chaired the association over the years, and a big good luck and the
best wishes for his future work to Andrea Zanni !'''''

== We want you! ==
An appeal to all Wikimedians: our association is sending a postcard to
members and donors, with the information about [
http://wiki.wikimedia.it/wiki/Cinque_per_mille how to allocate 5x1000 of
taxes] to Wikimedia Italia. There are '''over twelve thousand postcards'''
to be labeled and stamp: the material is all at our Secretariat, Via Ardigò
24 in Monza and we are looking for volunteers who can help us get the job
over as quickly as possible. The initiative is very important, because the
proceeds of 5x1000 represent a great support to our business! Contact us by
writing to [mailto:segrete...@wikimedia.it segrete...@wikimedia.it] or by
calling 039/5962256.

== Wikipedia celebrates too the Women's Day (by Susanna Giaccai) ==

As part of the activities aimed at increasing the number of Wikipedia
editors, we want to point out a specific intervention to invite women to
contribute to Wikipedia, writing entries relating to their worldview. On
the occasion of Women's Day in Florence [[Utente:Giaccai|Susanna Giaccai]
(librarian), [[Utente:Sailko|Sailko (Wikipedian)]] and [
http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utente:Manuelarosi Manuelarosi] organize two
meetings for the collective preparation of voices on the basis of a list
proposed [
the relevant page].

This page is an outline of the work to which they all the people are
invited to collaborate, if they are interested in increasing the number of
entries in Wikipedia about the point of view of women in the world.

The appointment is in Florence on the 8th and March 10th at [
http://www.lemurate.comune.fi.it/lemurate/suc/ Le Murate SUC] (Piazza delle
Murate). The first workshop will focus on the theme of women and will be
held from 14.30 to 19.30, while the second will be an introductory lesson
and will be held Monday, March 10, from 9:00 to 13:00 . For full details
please refer to the [

== First international event for EAGLE ==
[[File:Eagle.JPG|210px|thumb|left| Workshop in Ljubljana, by Anita Rocco
[CC-BY-SA 3.0]]]

As promised, we continue the excursus on the projects of Wikimedia Italia:
today is the turn of [http://www.eagle-network.eu/ EAGLE] (Europeana
network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy). EAGLE is a best-practice
network, co-funded by the European Commission, and part of the family of [
http://www.europeana.eu/ Europeana]. The project aims to collect and
catalog in a single database of over a million and a half of digital
objects related to inscriptions from the greek-roman world, accompanied by
essential information and a selection of translations into several European

On 19 and 20 February a [
was held in Ljubljana, at the National Museum of Slovenia,
entitled "Current Practices and New Directions in Digital Epigraphy". The
purpose of the meeting was to provide an overview of the possibilities of
digitization of epigraphic material and allow the audience to do a little
practice. The meeting was attended by about 60 people from all over the
world! With the help of experienced Wikipedians [
https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pietromarialiuzzo Pietro Liuzzo]
and [http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utente:Sannita Luca Martinelli],
participants included thirty translations on [
http://www.eagle-network.eu/wiki/index.php/Main_Page EAGLE Wikibase] and
added links and categories to approximately fifty images on [
Commons]. The workshop has been particularly successful on the
web too; to stay up to date on future initiatives you may follow on Twitter
the account of the project
[https://twitter.com/Eagle_Project@Eagle_Project], the hashtag
#EAGLEEuropeana and the [
https://www.facebook.com/EAGLEuropeana facebook page].

The next major event of the EAGLE project will be in September 2014 in
Paris, with an [http://www.eagle-network.eu/about/events/eagle2014/international
conference]. We invite you to participate in the [
for participations] that will close in the next few months (pay
attention to the dates).

== Subscribe to Wikimedia Italia mailing list!==
Perhaps not everyone knows that the newsletter is not the only way to
follow the activities of Wikimedia Italia! Members have the possibility to
subscribe to the mailing list '''associazi...@wikimedia.it''', which is the
center of the life of the association. The daily e-mail traffic is
medium-high (the average is about nine e-mail per day), but it's worth it
it you want to be an active member of the association. To be included among
the recipients, just make a request by writing an email to [mailto:
segrete...@wikimedia.it segrete...@wikimedia.it]. If you are not yet a
member, subscribe by filling out the
[http://wiki.wikimedia.it/iscrizione/membership form] and paying the
annual dues. Those who do will soon get a
taste of real membership life on April 5, at the next Members' meeting. See
you there!

== Appointments ==

* March 7, Florence: Another initiative for women. The Advancing Women
Artists Foundation, with the collaboration of Syracuse University in
Florence and the American General Consulate in Florence, organizes the
event [http://www.advancingwomenartists.org/news.php "Female Artists and
Wikipedia"], edit-a-thon to create Wikipedia entries that highlight the
achievements of female artists, both contemporary and from the past. Where?
At Syracuse University in Florence (Piazza Savonarola, 15), from 14.00 to

* March 10, Asti: press conference of presentation of the project
http://www.we-land.com/wikipedia-va-a-scuola/ Wikipedia goes to school @
Asti]. Meeting is at 16, in the hall of the library of the University of
Asti Astiss (piazzale de Andrè) with the presence of the chief of the
provincial education authority Alessandro Militerno and Stefano Caneva,
vice president of weLand.

* March 13 to 14, Milan: Wikimedia Italy will be present at the [
http://www.convegnostelline.it/relatori1.php?IdUnivoco=69 Convegno delle
Stelline]. Thursday, March 13, volunteers of the association will give
information about Wikipedia and Wikimedia Italia to librarians. Friday,
March 14, Pierfranco Minsenti, digital librarian, will participate with a
presentation entitled ''Wikipedia as a collaborative work environment for a
cross-community of libraries''. The aim is to define the impact on
librarians of their collaboration to Wikipedia.

* April 5, Florence: add to your agenda the date for the '''Members'
Meeting of Wikimedia Italia'''. The event is open to everyone, who will be
able to look at an important part of the activities of the association. The
meeting will be held at [http://florence.impacthub.net/about-us/faq/ The
Hub], in Florence; soon all the details and the day's program will be
released. We remind all members that they must be in good standing with the
fees for 2014 to be able to vote: if you are not sure you have renewed, ask
for an update on the status of your registration by sending an email to
[mailto:segrete...@wikimedia.it segrete...@wikimedia.it].
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