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the new bulletin from Wikimedia Italia (#72) is available. This time we
wrote about the call for a Wikipedian in residence at MART,  Members'
Meeting (and members' cards), Sestopedia project, OpenStreetMap in Italy
and past and future appointments.

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= Wikimedia News no. 72, March 20, 2014 =
[[File:MART - ingresso.jpg|400px|thumb|center| <p align=center> Entrance of
MART, Contemporary and Modern Art Museum of Trento and Rovereto; by Lapo
Luchini [CC-BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons</p>]]

== A Wikipedian in residence at MART ==

[http://www.mart.trento.it/ '''MART'''], Contemporary and Modern Art Museum
of Trento and Rovereto, Italy, and '''Wikimedia Italia''' announce the
opening of a '''call for a [
in residence]''', that is, an experienced user of Wikipedia who
will be present in the structure for a six-months period to assist in the
creation of items related to the work of the museum. The (paid) residence,
the first of its kind in Italy, is scheduled for the period from May to
October 2014, and is born after MART joined Wikipedia's [
http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progetto:GLAM GLAM Project].

The collaboration of the Wikipedian will be to upload images and documents
on Wikimedia Commons and Wikisource, with the aim to strengthen the
articles on museum-related work in the field of conservation,
documentation, promotion and dissemination of art, to make freely available
to a vast public a large and various data asset.

To apply, you must submit your CV in PDF format before Sunday, April 13,
2014, along with a covering letter to the address [mailto:w...@wikimedia.it
w...@wikimedia.it], with te subject “Candidatura WIKIPEDIANO IN RESIDENZA –
MART”. The full text (in English: the position requires detailed knowledge
of Italian language, but it is open to everyone) of the call, with a
detailed list of requirements, can be found [[Ricerca collaboratori/Call
for Wikipedian in residence @ MART, Rovereto|on our site]].

== News from Italian OpenStreetMap ==

[[File:Mappa_pavia_openstreetmap_stampata.jpg|210px|thumb|right| Jumbo map
of Pavia (135cm x 200cm), made using OpenStreetMap data [CC-BY-SA 3.0]]]

Starting from this number of Wikimedia News, we are happy to add a column
about news from OpenStreetMap. (Wikimedia Italia is going to become the
official Italian chapter of OSM). Note: in the English version of the
newsletter we will publish only the news about initiatives happening in

* In Genoa, two associations collaborate with the school and the city
administration, to try new ways to preserve some of the historic memories
of the neighborhoods. There is a [
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbRluSbZtSU video] about it.

== Members' Meeting and members' cards ==
'''Saturday, April 5''' in Florence, at
[http://florence.impacthub.net/Impact Hub], will host the General
Shareholders' Meeting of Wikimedia
Italia. The event is open to everyone! We invite each member to bring a
friend and spread the word (you can also [
http://www.sostienilacultura.it/regala-uniscrizione/ donate her or him a
subscription] :-) ). To participate you must register by filling out the
simple form found [
this link]: anyone can book up to two tickets.

The meeting is called at 10:00 in first call and '''at 14:00 in second
call'''; the program includes a morning session with a presentation of
ongoing projects and an afternoon session in which the resolutions of the
Board of Directors will be ratified, the final balance for year 2013, and
the provisional balance for year 2014 will be approved; moreover a vote
will be held for the renewal of part of the Board (remember that only
members can vote up to date with the
[http://wiki.wikimedia.it/wiki/Rinnovipayment of the fee]). Note: As
required by our bylaws, all members who do
not renew the subscription in 2013 will be declared forfeited. If you have
any doubt about the status of your registration, please ask the
All details can be found on the relevant page of the
[[Associazione:Assemblea_WMI_aprile_2014|relevant page]] of the Wikimedia
Italia website (visible only to members); there you can also find
information about availability of accommodation and transport, as well as
the form for proxies.

In occasion of the meeting, member cards for 2014 are being shipped to the
homes of all members. If you have changed your address this is the right
time to let us know (by writing to [mailto:segrete...@wikimedia.it

== Sestopedia meets the citizens ==
Some time ago [http://www.sestopedia.it/ Sestopedia project] was launched:
its aim is to create on Wikipedia a set of articles about the city of Sesto
San Giovanni. Starting from the idea that a lot of information about the
city lacking on the web and on the books, but are very present in the head
of senior citizens, the project promoters have decided to involve the
citizens asking to create Wikipedia entries, or simply to tell stories
(filling out [[http://www.sestopedia.it/?page_id=103  a simple form]) in
order to spread them and make them available online to everyone.

In addition to virtual editorial work, the project includes several events
and meetings with citizens: you may find the full list [
http://www.sestopedia.it/?page_id=86 on the website]. Here we would like to
point out some imminent appointments: '''Saturday, March 22''' we'll have a
lecture entitled '''''Writing in Wikipedia''''' organized in collaboration
with Wikimedia Italia at the library Cadioli. '''''Saturday, March 29''''',
citizens are invited to help in the collection of material to write entries
on the gardens of the historic mansions of Sesto San Giovanni. This will be
a preparatory meeting for the event promoted on the Liberation Day: from
April 25 to 27, within the event '''''Sestoinfiore''''' it will open the
path to the QR-codes in the historic gardens of Villa Mylius. The QR-pedia
of all plants will be added, in collaboration with Fior di Mylius
Association and Councillorship for the Environment.

The project '''Sestopedia''' is sponsored by the NGO Associazione Lavoro e
Integrazione and is coordinated by Giusi Castelli; Giusi is a member of
Wikimedia Italia and is very active on the mailing list of the association,
where reports all the news reports of the project (to subscribe to the
mailing list, contact: [mailto:segrete...@wikimedia.it

== Appointments and press news ==
[[File:Stelline.jpg|200px|thumb|left| <p align=left> Wikimedians at
Convegno delle Stelline, by Fra [CC-BY-SA 3.0]]]

*  On Thursday, March 13th, Wikimedia Italia was present at the [
http://www.convegnostelline.it/home.php Convegno delle Stelline], an annual
event dedicated to the world of libraries. This year focused on the theme
''The connected library. How to change the strategies for service in the
social networking era''. Our association with its volunteers and the
President, held an information office for librarians interested in
exploring the relationship between '''Wikipedia and the world of
libraries'''. We take this opportunity to thank who hosted us: [
http://www.datamanagementpa.it/ '''DataManagement'''], a manufacturer of
the digital ebook platform ReteIndaco, which partnered with Wikimedia
Italia to add books created in Wikisource to its catalog.

*  On March 15, 2014, Arts-Spettacolo.com sported the [
interview] with the new president of Wikimedia Italia,
[[Utente:Aubrey|Andrea Zanni]]. Happy reading!

* As previously announced, Monday, March 10 a press conference was held of
presentation of the project
[http://www.we-land.com/wikipedia-va-a-scuola/Wikipedia goes to school
@ Asti], promoted by associations [
http://www.we-land.com We-Land] and
[http://www.creativeasti.com/design/CreATive Asti], with the
cooperation of the Wikimedia Italia. The meeting
saw a large participation of public and professionals, the organizers have
already gathered the support of several teachers involved in the project
and, in addition, the University Centre of Asti said they are willing to
accommodate some moments of the formation of teachers. A [
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5OSMPIKS4E&feature=youtu.be video] was
posted to witness the event, and several newspapers reported the news,
including, for example [
La Stampa]. The '''deadline to return the form of participation''' is
Monday, March 31:
[https://www.facebook.com/events/1413874135537193/?ref=22here] there
are all the details.

* The European Union has published a Consultation on the European copyright
law, open to the public and containings 80 questions. Wikimedia Italia has
sent [[Consultazione europea sul diritto d'autore|an official response]]
with the other chapters in Europe and beyond, following a [
discussion on Meta-Wiki].
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