The WMNL monthly report for February is available on Meta:

It is also included as plain text below.

*COMMUNITY: supporting and mobilising volunteers and editors*[

   - ·    *Education Extension*.

The Wikipedia Education Extension has been installed on the Dutch language
Wikipedia. This extension facilitates courses ranging from a single day to
several months and gives trainers/teachers insight in the activities of
students of these courses. The extension will be used for GLAM activities
that involve training and might be used for projects with educational

·         *European Parliament in the picture*

WMNL supported a member of the community to take part in a drive to make
portrait photographs of Members of the European Parliament. Following the
photo-drive, a project was started to provide articles on all MEP's on the
Dutch language Wikipedia. This resulted in 179 new articles.

·         *Female artists on Wikipedia*

A group of Wikipedians organised a writing event on female artists on
February 1; this event was supported by WMNL. The event led to an article
in a national newspaper.

·         *Meeting of OTRS group*

The group of volunteers dealing with requests and questions for
NL-Wikipedia OTRS met at the WMNL office to exchange ideas and experiences.
They also gave a refresher course in working with OTRS for some of the
other volunteers present at the office.

*WORK: content, collaboration and activity development*

·         *WWII*.

Preparations have begun for the WWII project. Goals of this project are:

1.    To motivate people to share their knowledge about WWII by writing
articles or by uploading images.

2.    Contact GLAMs for contentdonations and organise activities.

3.    Cooperate with other Wikimedia chapters to stimulate exchange of
information between the different language versions of wikipedia.

As a first activity, April will be focussed on motivating people to
contribute images of all the war monuments in the Netherlands. This will
not be a photo competition in view of the sensitive nature of topic. WMNL
is cooperating with the Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei, the organisation in
charge of official remembrance ceremonies.

·         *GLAM activities*.

Several GLAM partners were visited to discuss new plans for activities in
2014. Plans are being worked out with Teylers Museum, Amsterdam
Museum, Rijksmuseum, Museum Catharijneconvent, Universiteitsmuseum
Utrecht and Centraal
Museum. The activities discussed are increasingly tuned to the workflow of
GLAMs: a content donation when a new exhibition opens, followed by an
edit-a-thon or Wikipedia course at the GLAM to write articles and put the
donated content to use.

·         *Wiki loves Earth.*

WMNL has started work on Wiki Loves Earth: a project to put Dutch nature in
the spotlight on Wikipedia and on Wikimedia Commons with text, images and
sound. The formula for this contest is derived from Wiki Loves Monuments,
which WMNL has organised from 2010 to 2013. Wiki Loves Earth was first
organised by Wikimedia Ukraine. Several countries will participate in 2014.
WMNL is cooperating with the Dutch association of National Parks.

·         *Education Program.*

A kick-off meeting for an education program was held on the 1st of February
for community members, staff and board. As a result, WMNL developed and has
put out a call for tender for proposals to investigate the feasibility and
potential of cooperation with educational institutions in the Netherlands.
A decision on which proposal best meets the requirements of WMNL will be
made in March. Several other chapters have set up programs with
universities and other educational institutions.

·         *Wikipedians in Residence.*

WMNL initiated a meeting between the managers of the Wikipedians in
Residence on the 19th of February to discuss lessons learned and
cooperation. The 6 Wikipedians in Residence in the Netherlands had a
meeting on the 24th of Februari. The notes of this meeting are public


·         *Media*.

A full overview of media coverage can be found

·         *Newsletter.*

The WMNL newsletter of February was sent out to the subscribers.


·         *meeting of executive directors*

WMNL director Sandra Rientjes attended a meeting of Executive Directors of
Wikimedia Chapters in Berlin on February 3 and 4. Focus of the meeting was
on sharing experiences in programme development, FDC-process, management
and governance.

·         *International meetings: Program Evaluation"*

Sebastiaan ter Burg attended the Program Evaluation hangout, it can be
viewed here <>.


·         The board had a skype meeting on February 7.


·         Wikidata/dbpedia workshop

·         GLAMwiki Toolset workshop at the Amsterdam Museum on April 3

·         General Assembly on March 29. Important topics: election of new
Board members, official approval Annual Report 2013.

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