* Greetings to all on this list! We are very excited to announce that four
proposals for annual plan grants have been submitted on 1 April as part of
the FDC process in 2013-2014 Round 2, and are now open for community review
until 30 April 2014[1]:  The Centre for Internet and Society[2] is
requesting the equivalent of US$297,831.  Wikim├ędia France[3] is requesting
the equivalent of US$826,062.  Wikimedia Norge[4] is requesting the
equivalent of US$432,060.  Wikimedia Foundation[5] has submitted its annual
plan for review, with no dollar amount attached. We encourage you all to
read the proposal forms[6] and comment on the proposal form discussion
pages during the community review period. Please also spread the word to
other community members not on this list who may be interested in
commenting on these proposals; while the proposals are in English,
community members can comment in any language of their choice. During this
period of community review between 1 April and 30 April, participating
organizations are encouraged to respond promptly to questions from the
community. Questions and feedback received during this period will be
considered by the FDC during their deliberations as a key input into the
proposal process. Please comment by 30 April to make sure your input can be
considered during the deliberations! Please note that the WMF Board of
Trustees determined in November 2013 that CIS would be considered eligible
for the FDC process during this round[7]. In addition, the Wikimedia
Foundation is not submitting a dollar amount with its proposal; the reasons
for this are detailed in the FAQ section included in WMF's proposal[8].
This is an important opportunity for the community to comment on WMF's
entire annual plan and budget for the upcoming year. After the community
review period closes on 30 April, staff assessments of each proposal will
be published on 8 May, before the FDC meets to discuss these proposals
between 21 May and 25 May in order to make a recommendation to the WMF
Board of Trustees by 1 June. Finally, the WMF Board of Trustees will make a
final decision about the proposals by 1 July. Please visit the community
review page linked below to learn more about the process, and how you can
make the most of your participation! Reviewing these proposals is no easy
task, but your input is highly valued by the FDC and everyone participating
in the proposal process. Please reach out to the FDC support team with any
questions or concerns about the community review period or the proposal
process by Emailing us at <fdcsupp...@wikimedia.org
<fdcsupp...@wikimedia.org>>. Thank you in advance for your attention to
these proposals! Best regards, Winifred Olliff (on behalf of the FDC
support team) 1.


* 3.
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:APG/Proposals> 7.

Winifred Olliff
FDC Support Team
Wikimedia Foundation
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