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GLAM-WIKI10 hours edit-a-thon for 100 design students

During April we did the central activity of the project where we are mixing
GLAM and EDU with the Design Museum of Barcelona. Around 400 students in 25
classrooms of 13 design schools are improving Wikipedia Articles. On April
25 we did a 10 hours long design editathon (organized in groups from 10 to
20 people) at the Documentation Center of the Museum. Click here[2] to see
more pics. It was the opening day of the documentation center so students
could behave as beta testers. One of the good points was doing it
graduatelly with small groups so we could help them personally and also
that they could take the books back home (15 days free-rent), so Wikipedia
articles are being improved since then. We also did a backstage pass to the
warehouse of the documentation center and a general guided tour to the

   - April 3rd- Conference: *Projectes voluntaris i col·laboratius de
   traducció* (Volunteer driven translation projects) at Col·legi de
   Doctors i Llicenciats (url): 25 attendees - Kippelboy
   - 28th January to 14th April — Il·lustraciència Award[3] from Associació
   Catalana de Comunicació Científica (Catalan Asociation of Science
   Comunication) give to the participants the option to accept Wikimedia
   Commons upload of their artworks. Post in the blog 12th february[4].
   Results: 211 artworks liberated[5] (upload soon)
   - April 10th - Public presentation of Wikiproject Barcelona's popular
   culture[6] (done in collaboration with Town council)
   - April 25th - 10 hours design editathon at the Museu del Disseny de
   Barcelona. (100 attendees)


   - 1st April - Joan Brossa Foundation releases wikiquote material[7] of
   the artist and help us referencing existing one.
   - 28th April - "Colita: la reivindicació de la mirada"[8] conference
   press pass for a Wikimedia Commons contributor. Judesba
   - Ongoing project: Wikiproject Public Libraries
   - Ongoing project: Wikiproject Miró
   - Ongoing project: Víctor Balaguer Museum project
   - Ongoing project: Music Museum in Barcelona
   - Ongoing project: Museu Morera in Lleida
   - Ongoing project: CCCB, Contemporary cultural center in Barcelona
   - Some other smaller GLAMWIki projects


   - April 3rd - Scientific Committee meeting for organizing "Libraries and
   heritage conference" at Ateneu Barcelonès in Nov 20. Kippelboy
   - April 4th - GLAMwiki projects planning meeting with Museu Blau-Natural
   History Museum in Barcelona. Vàngelis Villar
   - April 22d - GLAMwiki projects planning meeting with National
   Archaeology Museum in Tarragona- Kippelboy & Lluis_tgn
   - April 22d - GLAMwiki projects planning meeting with local
*Hemerotèque*in Tarragona- Kippelboy & Lluis_tgn
   - April 22d - GLAMwiki follow up meeting with Victor Balaguer Museum-
   - April 28th - Meeting with Lavinia Productora to talk about a project
   proposal- Kippelboy
   - April 29th - Follow up Meeting with Head of Catalan Public Libraries
   Network- Kippelboy
   - April 30th - Introduction GLAMWIKI Meeting with Sitges Museums
   Director- Kippelboy

Education1s Wikipedian in Residence in a EU University.

User Jey is the brand new Wikipedian in Residence of the Open University of
Catalonia[9]. Project has been designed in phases. On this phase 1 his main
goals will be mapping the already published Open Materials in the universty
(CC-BY-SA docs, Opencoursewares,...), specially focusing on Audiovisual
materials (videos). Also mapping the teachers who are already doing
Wikipedia-related projects and trying to scale this opportunities to the
rest of the proffessors. The first phase of the residency will last from
April to July 2014.

   - April 8th - Wikipedia Editing course at La Bisbal d'Empordà Highschool
   - Anskar
   - April 24th - Kick of meeting for the First ever Wikipedian in
   Residence in an European University[10] (UOC) - Kippelboy Jey
   - April 28th - Wikipedia presentation to 35 teachers of the Barceloneta
   high-school, organized by Barceloneta library - Kippelboy
   - April 28th - Wikipedia presentation to 80 schoolars (9 & 10 y.o.) of
   la Garriga (els Pinetons school) - Amadalvarez
   - April 29th - Amical's representation at the awards ceremony of the
   websalpuntcat award (Teenage Catalan language websites contest) - Kippelboy
   - wikiArS
      - April 1th to 30th. Exhibition wikiArS: contribució de les escoles
      d'art i disseny a Viquipèdia[11] (*wikiArS: contributions from art &
      design schools to Wikipedia*) in the Badalona central Library Can
      - April 25th. Talk Imatges per a la Viquipèdia: l'aportació de les
      escoles d'art i disseny[12] (*Images for Wikipedia: the art & design
      schools contribution*) in the Badalona central Library Can
      - April 29th. Exhibition of the illustration of hipotetic Augustus
      sculpture by Cristina Toro next to marble toe discovered in
Tarragona roman
      temple. During the talk Una estàtua d'August a Tarraco?[13] by Professor
      Joaquín Ruíz de Arbulo at Nacional Arqueological Museum of Tarragona.


   - Ongoing project: Wikiproject Design Museum in Barcelona (1st year: 400
   - Ongoing project: WikiArS
   - Ongoing project: GRACMON wikiproject (2nd year: around 75 students)
   - Ongoing project: ESMUC wikiproject (1st year: around 40/50 students)
   - Ongoing project: Viquiclàssics Wikiproject (1st year: around 50


   - April 8th - Wikipedian in Residence at Open University of Catalonia
   planning meeting- Kippelboy
   - April 8th - Design edit-a-thon planning meeting- Kippelboy
   - April 8th - Wikipedia introduction meeting with Dr in Maths didactics
   from UPC (Joan Gómez)- Kippelboy
   - wikiArS
      - April 10th - Meeting at Nacional Arqueological Museum of Tarragona
      with Museum curators and four students from School of Art that are in
      intership with Amical. See the assignments here[14]. Lluis_tgn, Dvdgmz
      - April 28th - Meeting at Llotja, supervision of 10 students in
      internship, with teachers Alicia Gallego and Elvira Dominguez. Dvdgmz
      - April 29th - Meeting with I.Labastida from UB. Exploring options of
      participation in wikiArS. Dvdgmz

Other Catalan Cultural Challenge

On april 15ht ended the first edition of multilingual Catalan Cultural
Challenge[15] on Wikipedia: *792 articles* created or expanded by
*50*volunteers in *92
languages*. It was a public writing competition around Catalan culture. The
goal of this first edition was to improve and translate this list of 50
notable people into as many languages as possible. Winners got great Prizes
and Barnstars. It run from 00:01 16 March until 23:59 15 April 2014 (CET
UTC+01:00). The contest was simple in structure, based on a KISS point
system: You get points while improving articles, with the goal for each
participant to gain as many points as possible. Our primary mission and
goal (Amical) is for the sum of all human knowledge to be available in
Catalan and for all knowledge about Catalan culture to also be available in
every language. This project has been just one of our first international

   - April 10th - Wikipedia workshop at Sabadell Astronomical Group.
   Leptictidium Davidpar
   - April 10-13th - Attendance to Wikimedia Conference 2013 in Berlin:
   Kippelboy Arnaugir Micru and F3RaN


   - April 10th - Wikiwomen project planing meeting with Barcelona
   Towncouncil Gender gap deputy and programme managers.- Kippelboy

Organization Amical is awarded with National Culture Prize

The National Council for Arts and Culture (CoNCA) decided to award one of
its ten annual prizes to Amical Wikimedia in recognition for its work of
promoting Catalan language and culture and the free knowledge. The award
ceremony will be celebrated on June 2nd with the presence of the Catalan
president, Artur Mas. The prize is supplied with 15,000 euro.

   - April 16th — Monthly meeting via IRC chat[16] of the Catalan Wikimedia
   - The Jury formed by Arnaugir, KRLS, Quimgil and MuRe decides to grant
   all 7 candidates which asked for receiving a scolarship to attend Wikimania
   2014 in London. The initial expected amount was €350 (for each one of the
   10 available scolparships), but since fewer have been granted, the amount
   has increased to €500. The grantees are the following users:
      - Coentor, from València (Valencian Country)
      - Lluis tgn, from Tarragona (Catalonia)
      - ESM, from Mollerussa (Lleida, Catalonia)
      - F3RaN, based in Berlin
      - dvdgmz, from Premià de Mar (Barcelona, Catalonia)
      - barcelona, from Barcelona (Catalonia)
      - Davidpar, from Palafrugell (Girona, Catalonia)
   - Renewed our presence in the Census of entities for the promotion of
   the language[17] of the Catalan Government ("Cens d'entitats de foment de
   la llengua"), which exempts donations for Amical from paying some taxes
   - Finished Amical's first quarterly FDC report[18].
   - Amical joins the Statement of Intent[19] proposed by the Free
   Knowledge Advocacy Group EU.


   - April 19th: La nació de Tlön[20], Màrius Serra. La Vanguardia
   - *Wikiars: joves creadores i coneixement lliure*. Judit Montenegro.
   Weekly newspaper *La Directa* number 359.
   - WLE coverage: Europa Press, Generalitat de Catalunya
   - Coverage of WiR at the Open University of Catalonia : La Vanguardia,
   Barcelona TV, UOC
   - National Prize for Culture coverage: La Vanguardia, Cultura 21, El
   Confidencial, VilaWeb, Europa Press, El País, El Periódico, El Punt Avui,, Ara, Llengua catalana, Ara, *Ara* editorial.
   - April 14th: Una editorial alemanya vol llançar la Viquipèdia en
   paper[21], Ara
   - "Dia Internacional de la Dona", *Revista de Palafrugell*, 246, p. 17,
   on WikiWomen Edit-a-thon

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