I'm very excited to share that last night, we received the award at an
event presence with of hundreds of guests (Picture of the award:

The Roaring Lion competition is an award for excellence within Israel's
communications and public relations industry awarded by the Israel Public
Relations Associations. The campaign was chosen among many, judged by a
committee of public relations executives, academics and public figures.

Last July the Hebrew Wikipedia celebrated her 10th anniversary. The
celebrations were followed by massive press coverage - TV radio, internet
and print. You can give a look on some of them in our Press Book:

The strategy was to show the volunteers – the people behind the projects,
so each cover presented another volunteer. To show the power of Wikipedia
we collected a lot of numbers such the most viewed articles of the last 5
years, numbers of edits, words and many others – which leads to many items
covering the history of HEWP.

But besides arranging massive coverage for the celebrations we were looking
for a special way to celebrate – to do something that has never been done
before. The result was a unique collaboration with TV Channel 2, the most
viewed channel in Israel! For an entire week, five of the most senior
Channel 2 reporters, who learned to edit Wikipedia by our volunteers, wrote
or extended an article on Hebrew Wikipedia. Then, each recorded a one
minute video, explaining why they have decided to write on this specific
topic. Every day, just before the evening news broadcast, the video was
broadcasted and while the anchor presented the project, he explained "we
wanted to celebrate Wikipedia’s 10th anniversary and show that everyone can
write an article on Wikipedia. Happy Birthday Wikipedia!”

Due the success of the project Channel 2 decided to broadcast it all over
again on the week after. According to the ratings records 2.033 million
people (cumulatively) watched the project. On the celebrations month pages
views on Hebrew Wikipedia showed increase of 12% (compare to 1%
internationally) and increase of 12% in new articles (compare to 14%
internationally decrease).

You can watch them the videos (translated to English) on our Youtube

I wish to thank all the volunteers who take part making this happen, to the
Wikimedia Israel team, and to Gidoen Amichay who supported and helped lead
the Channel 2 cooperation.

*Regards,Itzik Edri*
Chairperson and Spokesperson, Wikimedia Israel
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