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The following message is just to keep you informed about the activities
developed in July by Amical Wikimedia.

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David Parreño Mont
Communications, Amical Wikimedia


GLAMwiki Outreach

   - July 4 & 5th - Catalan History editathon of 1714. More info in
   Catalan[1]. There was a photo walk and afterwards an edit-a-thon which
   involved also local people.
   - July 21st - First contact of Editors Group focused in pedagogy at
   Premià de Mar Library. Dvdgmz, nurianau, annagfont, Albavm, ainafer


   - July 1st - Kick of session of Viquiprojecte Castellar del Vallès[2]
   (local Catalan town wikiproject) at Castellar local library. Led by a local
   volunteer and developed by Kippelboy
   - July 7ths - Wikipedia training session for Viquiprojecte Castellar del
   Vallès (local Catalan town wikiproject) at Castellar local library, led by
   a local volunteer (Pere Serafí).
   - July 10th - Wikipedia training session in Mollet del Vallès (Catalan
   town) for Museu Abelló (museum) artwork documentation in Wikipedia, led by
   a volunteer (Pau Colominas).


   - July 2th - Meeting at Pompeu Fabra Library (Mataró) about wikiArs
   exhibition and other future activities Vàngelis Villar, Dvdgmz
   - July 9th - Meeting with La Bonne to arrange a project to reduce gender
   gap: barcelona, Kippelboy
   - Jul 7th- Jul 10th - Meeting with Barcelona's Town council Culture
   Institute and several local museums for planning 2014-2015 Glamwiki project
   with local museums. Project's info here[3]. 3rd year of ongoing project-
   - Jul 30th: meeting with the chief librarian of Castell de Peralada,
   Inés Padrosa, to seek collaboration. Arnaugir

Education Outreach

   - Jul 3- Presentation of CCCB cultural project briefcase, featuring
   Wikipedia educational project for schools. (+info[4]) Kippelboy. Event for


   - Ongoing project: wikiArS[5]
      - Students in internship uploaded il·lustrations to Commons, mainly
      using commons:Campaign:wikiArS[6]


   - Jul 11- Presentation of Results[7] of Wikiproject Design Museum, where
   300 students from 13 schools created design-related Wikipedia articles-

Other Outreach

   - Jul 2 - Catalan Areas Wiki Loves Earth Awards ceremony (gallery[8])
   - Jul 21 - Wikipedia workshop for Public Servers, members of the Open
   Innovation group (Xarxa Xip)
   - "Music as a written text and its educational possibilities" in
   Societat Coral el Micalet, València. ESM


   - Jul 2 - Meeting with Catalan Assotiation of Esperanto - kippelboy
   - Jul 8 - Meeting with Meteorology broadcasting TV program presentor
   Tomàs Molina - kippelboy and KRLS
   - Jul 14 - Catalunya Dades (Opendata Catalan group) quarter meeting-
   - July 11. Meeting with the Filmoteca de Catalunya. Pallares
   - July 22: meeting with the editor-in-chief of the cultural magazine Davidpar
   - July 30: meeting with the social capital manager of Ara newspaper.


   - Collaboration with the Language Engineering Team on the development of
   the Content Translation Tool[9].


   - July 15th: interview with ViaEmpresa. It will be published on
   September. Arnaugir
   - WLE covarage: El 3 de vuit,, Cerdanyola al Dia,,, Regió 7, NacióBerguedà.cat, La
   Vanguardia, Ara,,, 2, Telenotícies TV3 Davidpar
   - Others: (on Catalan Wikipedia), Ara (on a photo exhibit
   where Amical took part in), L'Actual de Castellar del Vallès (on the
   Viquiprojecte Castellar del Vallès), Manresainfo (on Catalan History
   editathon), El Punt Avui (on wikiArS initiative), UAB, Ara (on WikiClassics)


   - Amical has published its second quarterly progress report for 2014:
   see [10]

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