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*Wikimedia Nederland report over July and August*

*COMMUNITY: supporting and mobilising volunteers and editors*


Even during the summer holidays there were four Wiki-Saturdays. On July 19,
two visiting Wikipedians from the USA and UK respectively found their way
to the office to join Dutch Wikipedians.


On July 7, members of the community organised a Wiknic in Eindhoven. 16
Wikipedians/Wikimedians attended the event that was supported by WMNL

*WikiSunday: International Wikipedians meetup at Bonnefantenmuseum*

15 Wikipedians from The Netherlands and Germany gathered at the Bonnefanten
Museum in Maastricht This WikiSunday was organized by Wikimedia Netherlands
to get users from Wikipedia become acquainted with the museum as the museum
wants to start a collaboration with Wikipedia.

*Wikimedia Conference Nederland*

A group of volunteers, board-members and staff are working hard to prepare
the annual Wikimedia Nederland Conference. It will take place on November
1, in Utrecht.

*WORK: content, collaboration and activity development*

*World War II*

Our partner NIOD (the Netherlands institute for war research) is going to
release material. They hold the wartime archives of many organisations and
groups. These archives come with a description of the history of these
organisations in the war years, which are of encyclopedic value and could
improve the quality of Wikipedia content on the history of World War II. In
addition, they are planning to release some of their publications under
CC-BY-SA, starting with a monograph on the history of the underground
press. On November 29, NIOD will open its offices on a Saturday to give
Wikipedians access to its library and experts for a writing event.

*Project Nature*

We are preparing for a writing event in cooperation with the natural
history museum Naturalis on October 5, around the theme of nature in the
Netherlands. This event is also the awards ceremony for Wiki Loves Earth NL
2014, where prize-winning pictures will be announced and prizes will be
handed out to the winners of the Dutch competition. We are now also
discussing cooperation with the KNNV (the Netherlands society for natural
history). They have a very active and knowledgeable membership who we would
like to interest in contributing to Wikipedia. Naturalis is also
considering a content donation. Sebastiaan ter Burg gave a presentation at
Naturalis about the possibilities, such as content donation strategies and
promotional events after a donation in July.

*Wiktionary: Hebrew en Yiddish words in use in Dutch*

WMNL is cooperating with the Sofeer Foundation to integrate their
dictionary of Hebrew en Yiddish words in use in the Dutch language into
WikiWoordenboek (Nl Wiktionary). Nearly 3000 words have been uploaded by
volunteer Romaine. The task is not yet finished: a list of names will also
be uploaded, probably to Wikipedia. More information can be found on the

Expedition Wikipedia: two content donations and one university course

Spinster, Wikipedian in Residence (WiR) for almost 10 Dutch universities'
heritage collections, completed tee content donations for the Expedition
Wikipedia project:

-More than 200 illustrations of historical travel books were donated to
Wikimedia Commons by Maastricht University Library.

-More than 400 photographs of the 1899-1900 Siboga Expedition were donated
to Wikimedia Commons by the Special Collections of the University of

>From May to early July, a group of 9 students from Maastricht University
have written and improved almost 20 articles about historical travel books
and their authors, on English Wikipedia and in other languages. More
information is available on the course page on English-language Wikipedia.
A similar course is in preparation for September-October at Utrecht

*GLAMwiki Toolset Workshop*

5 GLAMs were trained in using the GLAMwiki Toolset during a workshop on the
28th of July. The workshop started with an introduction by Liam Wyatt, the
GLAMwiki Toolset Coordinator at Europeana. The Amsterdam Museum,
Rijksmuseum, University Museum Utrecht, Netherlands Institute for Sound and
Vision and National Library worked with the toolset. The manual of the GWT
has been improved with the feedback and notes of the participating GLAMs.


This year and in 2015 we are going to run three pilot projects to test out
different ways of cooperating with higher education to improve content of
Wikipedia. In the autumn we want to start cooperating with ITV, a college
training translators and interpreters. ITV wants offer their final year
students the option a Wikipedia internship: they will translate Wikipedia
articles. Many ITV students are 'mature students' who have already
completed a bachelor or master degree in a different field. This means that
they have specialised knowledge which would stand them in good use when
translating for Wikipedia.

*Content donation Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision*

The collection of Polygoonjournaals (Dutch newsreels from the 20th century)
on Wikimedia Commons is being expanded using the recently launched GLAMwiki
toolset. Over 1500 new videos were added to the category Media from Open
Beelden. For a list of unused videos in this category see this list (an
always up-to-date list showing those items in a category that haven't been
used yet in articles on Wikipedia, courtesy of Magnus Masnke).

*Virtual Museum Network*

Sebastiaan ter Burg spoke about cooperating with Wikimedia at a meeting of
the Virtual Museum Network in Amsterdam.

*Wiki loves libraries*

The monthly local trainings in the public library of Amersfoort were
continued in July and August by volunteers of WMNL.



The August newsletter was published.



Wikimedia Nederland sent a delegation of 17 persons to Wikimania in London
(and 2000 stroopwafels). We have sent a survey to all participants to get
insight into their experiences. Also, reports can be found on the WMNL-wiki.


*Development Annual Plan and Budget*

We have started drafting our annual plan and budget, in preparation for the
AGM in September. The Wikimedia community can contribute to the development
of these documents by suggesting activities and discussing proposals on the
WMNL- wiki.

*Q2 report submitted*

Our report to the Wikimedia Foundation on progress in Q2 was submitted on

*Upcoming events*

Writing event on nature at Naturalis, museum of Natural History , Leiden -
October 5

GLAMout Global

GLAMout, the monthly GLAM hangout that started in the US, is expanding to a
global hangout where GLAM projects are presented and discussed. WMNL will
organise/host the first global GLAMout in October.

Wikimedia Nederland Conference, Utrecht,  November 1.


Wikimedia Nederland is supporting a group of volunteers who are taking the
lead in organising a Hackathon on November 14 - 16 focussed on GLAMs and
Wikidata. Participants from Europe and the US have been personally invited;
it is expected that 30 people will participate.

Wikidata for GLAMs workshop

A workshop Wikidata for GLAMs will take place on the 14 November, before
the Hackathon kicks off. The goal of the workshop is to improve
understanding of the possibilities of Wikidata and to practice with
different kind of data mutations, queries, etc.

Writing event on World War II at NIOD, Amsterdam,  November 29.

GLAMwiki Conference 2015

During a GLAM meetup at Wikimania it was decided that Wikimedia Nederland
will organise the GLAMwiki Conference in 2015. The last time this
conference was organised was in 2013 by WMUK. The preliminary dates of the
conference are April 10-12 2015.

Upcoming content donations: RCE

The Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) did one of the largest content
donations to date (over 460.000 objects) in 2012. RCE is currently planning
new content donations, they'll start using the GLAMwiki Toolset to do the


*These events are relevant to the Netherlands and/or Dutch language
Wikimedia-projects but were not organised by WMNL:*

Thanks to the efforts of a group of active volunteers, some 63.000 Dutch
national monuments are now on Wikidata. As yet, only 3800 of these have an
article on Nl Wikipedia.

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