As you may have heard, Freenode found some compromised servers on their
networks. Network traffic, including SSL traffic, may have been sniffed by
a third party.

This likely affects many Wikimedia IRC users, including users who do not
speak English, so please forward this notice and translate as needed for
the benefit of other Wikimedians.

If you have not changed your nickserv password on September 15 or later,
please do so now.

>From the Freenode blog:

"Before changing your password, please check your email address in /msg
nickserv info and, if needed, update it – see /msg nickserv help set email
(remember to check your new email for the verification key). This will
ensure that we can send you a password reset email should, for whatever
reason, your password change not work properly. If you have no email set on
your account or an email set that you cannot access, we cannot send
password resets to you, so do please keep this up-to-date.

"To change your password use /msg nickserv set password newpasshere

"Since traffic may have been sniffed, you may also wish to consider any
channel keys or similar secret information exchanged over the network."
Please direct questions to Freenode IRC ops. They are voiced in the
#freenode channel.

Please note: all replies sent to this mailing list will be immediately directed 
to Wikimedia-l, the public mailing list of the Wikimedia community. For more 
information about Wikimedia-l:
WikimediaAnnounce-l mailing list

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