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The following message is just to keep you informed about the activities
developed in September by Amical Wikimedia.
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David Parreño Mont
Communications, Amical Wikimedia


GLAMwiki Outreach

   - Organized Repte Monuments 2014[1], a writting challenge about
   monuments, parallel to Wiki Loves Monuments. Around 3 000 articles
   improved. (See #RepteMonuments on Twitter)
   - September 9th - Presentation of the Sitges Museums Research[2] (+ info
   on research)
   - September 17th - Anual meeting of the Wikilibrarians, the network of
   public catalan librarians who are somehow active on Wikimedia projects.
   More of 100 libraries are doing GLAMwiki projects in Catalan Areas.
   - September 24th - 2on tupperwiki pedagogy edition group meeting at
   Premià de Mar Library. Dvdgmz
   - September 25th - II Wikipedia Workshop for cultural sector at
   Andorra's Government Public Library.


   - Sept 3rd - Meeting With Carme Fenoll, head of Catalan Public Libraries
   Network, to prepare our anual wikilibrarians meeting. Kippelboy
   - Sep 15th - Meeting with Ateneu Barcelonès Library director, drafting a
   new Wikipedian in Residence Project. Kippelboy + Amadalvarez
   - September 24th - Meeting with the director of the Alt Urgell County
   Archive to plan archive glamwiki projects for 2015. Kippelboy

Education Outreach

   - Sep 1st - Kick of of the Heritage Literature Routes[3] educational
   wikiproject with the University of Girona, where students will improve
   articles related to writers who have a *literature route* on Catalan
   areas. Kippelboy
   - September 3rd - Kick off of the Catalan Musicians Inventory project[4]
   with the IFMUC research center of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
   Students will create articles related to all times Catalan classical music
   composers. Kippelboy
   - September 4th - Yearly Kick off of the 3rd edition of our Gracmon
   Wikiproject[5] with the Gracmon Art research center of the University of
   Barcelona, where Students will create articles related to modernisme and
   Moder architecture. Kippelboy
   - September 19th - wikiArS exhibition[6] installed at Tarragona School
   of Art hall.
   - September 26th - *Wikipedia in education* Conference by Kippelboy at
   University of Girona, adressed to teachers and librarians. Kippelboy
   - September 27 th - CCCB workshop to teachers focused on Internet. One
   lesson plan is devoted to Wikipedia barcelona
   - September 29 th - Kick off of the project with University of Barcelona
   related to linguistic correction barcelona
   - September 30 th - *Introduction to Wikipedia and wiki philosophy*
   presentation and start off of Wikiproject Arquitectura del PC[7] at
   Barcelona School of Informatics (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). KRLS
   - wikiArS. Design of a new poster[8] for wikiArS exhibition about roman
   age recreations. Dvdgmz


   - Memorandum and conclusions[9] of first phase of Wikipedian in
   Residence at UOC university[10] were presented and formally approved by
   project management. Second phase is under negotiation. Jey


   - September 3rd - Kick off of the Barcelona Olympics Documentation
   Center from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona to talk about a probable
   content donation and education wikiproject. Kippelboy
   - September 8th - Meeting with the ICAC Educational Group (Catalan
   Institute of Classical Archaeology, located in from Tarragona) for planning
   eduwiki activities further in 2015. Kippelboy
   - September 16th - Meeting with the *vicedegà* of Literature Faculty of
   University of Barcelona for planning a conference on our Viquiclàssics[11]
   eduwiki project with University's teachers. It will take place on october
   10th. Kippelboy Marionaaragay
   - September 17 th - Meeting with CCCB to arrange educational projects
   with secondary teachers. barcelona
   - September 24th - Meeting with representatives from the Andorra's
   National University to present Wikimedia projects and plan eduwiki projects
   for 2015. Kippelboy
   - September 26th - 2nd meeting with teachers of the UPC in computer
   science, planning 2014-2015 course project. KRLS
   - September 29th - Meeting with representatives from the Vic University
   to present Wikimedia projects and plan eduwiki projects for 2015. Kippelboy

   - During the month. Contacts with schools of art Llotja, EADT, Art del
   Treball and Serra i Abella; preparing new academic year. Dvdgmz, Lluis_tgn


   - Presentation of the Sitges Museums Research[12], a research done by
   Amical Wikimedia on how a Museum network is seen on Wikipedia. How many
   languages, how their artworks and artists are related between them and to
   general art concepts. Impact, backlincks....
   - September 22 : Projects and progam phone interview with a
   representative of *Qualmetrics* from the Wikimedia Foundation. Kippelboy

Other Outreach

   - September 6th - Wikimedia presentation at the International Esperanto
   meeting which took place at L'Arboç. Presented strategy and proposals on
   what can Esperanto community get and put on the Wikimedia movement.
   - September 18th - Kick of our Wikidones (Wikiwomen) project, done in
   collaboration with Catalan Womens Institute, Barcelona Towncouncil Women
   Departmner and CC La Bone Cultural center. Kippelboy
   - September 19th & 20th - Free Software day edit-a-thons at La Palma de
   Cervelló and Barcelona.
   - September 22nd - 28th - Swedish culture week in Catalan Wikipedia[13].
   Cultural exchange as Swedish Wikipedia publish articles on Catalan writers.
   More info in Catalan Davidpar
   - September 26th. Participation to Researchers Night[14] at Universidad
   Complutense Madrid explaining Wikimedia community to visitors as part of
   P2PValue european project[15]. See also[16] Dvdgmz


   - September 4th - Meeting with Paralel40 CEO who wants to kick of a
   project like IMDB but for documentaries and ask Amical about which should
   be the Commmunity-based point of view. Kippelboy
   - September 5th - Round table with Language engineering team to discuss
   Content translation tool. Kippelboy, Xbosch, Jey (see post on Wikimedia
   - September 8th - Meeting with TarracoWiki[18], a local Wiki from the
   city of Tarragona, looking if we can collaborate somehow. Kippelboy
   - September 22th - First meeting with Federació d'Entitats
   Excursionistes de Catalunya[19] (Hiking association) to provide advising
   and organize training and possible thematic editaton in late 2014. Jey
   - September 22th - Meeting with Anna Domingo from Direcció General de
   Política Lingüística (Catalan language council) in order to prepare Digital
   Night of Catalan language (6 hours editathon) in Tarragona. Lluis_tgn
   - September 23th - First meeting with Federació d'Ateneus de
   Catalunya[20] to provide advising and organize training in late 2014. Jey
   - September 29th - Meeting with Anna Domingo from Direcció General de
   Política Lingüística (Catalan language council), Xavier Rull professor of
   Catalan language in Rovira i Virgili's University and Aurora Rius from
   Tarragona's Port in order to prepare Digital Night of Catalan language (6
   hours editathon) in Tarragona. Lluis_tgn


   - September 30th - Meeting with Director of the Catalan Institute of
   Catalan Cuisine, to introduce Wikimedia and talk about possible Wikiproject
   on 2015. Kippelboy


   - September 3rd - Interview to ESM in the mainstream *El Periódico de
   Catalunya* newspaper. Davidpar
   - September 5th - Report on Wikipedia Zero at *Diari de l'Educació* edu
   - September 8th-14th - Arnaugir is the curator of CatalanVoices[21].
   - Coverage of the Digital Night of Catalan language editathon: Núvol,, *Diari Més Tarragona* num. 2.627 (local Tarragona's
   newspaper), Racó Català, Xarxanet, Catalunya Ràdio, Generalitat de
   Catalunya, El matí de Catalunya Ràdio.
   - September 19th - News piece on the collaboration between the Catalan
   National Library and Wikidata.
   - September 20th - Profile of Amir80 in Amical blog. Davidpar
   - September 20th - Report on Monuments Challenge at Catalunya Ràdio
   - September 21st - Report on Catalan Wikipedia community in mainstream *La
   Vanguardia* newspaper. Davidpar
   - September 22nd - *Exposició "WikiArS". Un projecte de col·laboració
   entre alumnes d'il·lustració i l'Amical Wikimedia* EADT-Actualitat.
   - September 22nd - Interview to Alex Hinojo Kippelboy in Andorra
   National Radio.


   - Preparations for annual Catalan Wikipedia meeting[22] to be held in
   November. Kippelboy & Lluis_tgn
   - 3 Meetings related to Annual Activities Plan (several community
   - Sep 20th - Meeting with the Catalan Parliament to organize Wiki Loves
   the Catalan Parliament. Leptictidium and Arnaugir.

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