The WMNL report on October is available on meta:

It is also included in this message as plain text.

*COMMUNITY: supporting and mobilising volunteers and editors*

   - Wiki-Saturdays

In October there were two Wikisaturdays, one devoted to last-minute
preparations for the annual Wikimedia Nederland Conference on November 1.

Writing event Naturalis

*WORK: content, collaboration and activity development*

   - Project Nature

The writing event in cooperation with the natural history museum Naturalis
took place on October 5, around the theme of nature in the Netherlands.
Around 11 new and existing editors participated in the editing event. This
event was also the awards ceremony for Wiki Loves Earth NL 2014 (jury
report) where 17 visitors attended.

   - Project World War II

The Worldwar II projectpage on Wikipedia was remodelled and revitalised. It
now includes a list of articles missing and to be improved. We will use it
as a platform for online writing events.

   - Wiki loves libraries

The monthly local training in the public library of Amersfoort were
continued in October by volunteers of WMNL.

   - Wikipedia awareness campaign

WMNL will launch a Wikipedia-awareness campaign in January 2015. Aim of the
campaign is to make the general public more aware of the fact that
Wikipedia is a volunteer project. The campaign will not focus on
fundraising or membership recruitment for WMNL. In October, we choose the
agency that will help us develop and run the campaign. We selected MV, a
two-woman company with a track record in working for non-profits.

   - Wikipedia in the Museum

Thanks to a donation from a private grant making foundation earlier this
year, WMNL could start developing an application that will allow visitors
to a museum to directly access Wikipedia-articles related to the exhibits
they are seeing. At this stage, it is a pilot with one or two museums.


   - GLAMout Global

WMNL organised the global GLAMout in October, the hangout is available on
youtube. The next global GLAMout will be organised by WMSE.


Board meeting

The WMNL Board met on October 8.

Q3 report

We submitted our report on the third quarter of 2014 to WMF.


   - Wikimedia Nederland Conference, Utrecht, November 1.
   - Wikipedia beginners course, Zeeuwse Bibliotheek, Middelburg, November
   - GLAM Hackathon, Amsterdam, November 14 - 16.
   - workshop Wikidata for GLAMs, Amsterdam, November 14.
   - Wikipedia intermediate course, Zeeuwse Bibliotheek, Middelburg,
   November 25.
   - Writing event on World War II at NIOD, Amsterdam, November 29.
   - New Years Reception and Presentation year plan 2015 to partner
   organisations, January 17.
   - GLAMwiki Conference 2015, tbd, April 10-11-12 2015


*These events are relevant to the Netherlands and/or Dutch language
Wikimedia-projects but were not organised by WMNL*:

   - Writing event Nature, Utrecht University, October 4 - organised by
   User:Spinster for the expeditions project
   - Lecture by Hay Kranen, National Archives of the Netherlands, October 5
   - organised by User:Husky
   - Writing event Scientific expeditions, Technical University of Delft,
   October 18 - organised by User:Spinster for the expeditions project

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