Dear colleagues,

It was a difficult decision to leave the Wikimedia Foundation as its CTCO.
Some of my best memories of my time with the Wikimedia movement include the
privilege of interacting and learning from Wikipedians at the Chapters
Conferences and Wikimanias in D.C., Hong Kong, and London, for which I’m so
grateful. As much as the learnings are the memories -- I have these
beautiful snapshots in my mind of dancing with Wikipedians on the beach in
Hong Kong, singing  “I Will Revise
<>” off-key at the top of my
lungs, and I’m very clear that one hasn’t ever properly done karaoke if
they’ve not experienced it with the Germans.

Thank you for teaching me what it is to be part of a global movement, to
respect differences in thoughts and opinions when they are in service of
this beautiful mission we have - of moving from imagining to creating a
world where people can freely access the sum of all knowledge through
collaboration. I’ve been very humbled and I have learned so much from the
dedicated volunteers in our movement.

My personal commitment to our mission stands, so if ever anyone seeks
counsel or thought partnership on leadership issues, people, or diversity
issues in the movement, I’ll be a happy volunteer.

The road goes ever on and on. Live long and prosper.

Gayle Karen Young

Gayle Karen Young  |  415.310.8416

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 1:52 PM, Lila Tretikov <> wrote:

> Dear Wikimedians,
> At the Wikimedia Foundation, our mission is to empower, support and engage
> people around the world to share in free knowledge. One of our top
> priorities for the WMF in 2015 is improving organizational effectiveness in
> service of this mission. This means we need to strengthen WMF's ability to
> set and deliver on commitments, improve organizational discipline around
> decision making, and mature internal processes and systems.
> To ensure we can execute on our vision, mission, forthcoming strategy and
> our Call to Action, we have hired for a new position within our C-level
> team. Terry Gilbey will be joining us as interim Chief Operating Officer,
> responsible for building rigor and discipline around our operational
> processes. Terry’s role will help WMF stabilize our core operations so we
> will be ready and able to adapt and innovate in our changing environment.
> It will also help me find more time to focus on our products and
> communities.
> Terry comes from managing his own consulting firm and has been in a
> consulting role at WMF working on a number of projects such as
> goal-setting, financials, and budgeting. He has first-hand experience
> working with the WMF leadership team, and we are all excited to work more
> closely with him. Previously, Terry was the Executive Director of
> Enterprise Operations at Kaiser Permanente, a nationwide healthcare
> organization, and served in various management roles at IBM Global
> Services.
> Terry is originally from England and has lived in the U.S., Europe, Asia,
> and Central America. He currently lives in the South Bay, but also spends a
> lot of time in Panama on a rural farm. He spends his spare time pursuing
> unusual hobbies, such as bull riding, surfing, and more recently,
> supporting a women’s flat track roller derby team. He also rides
> motorcycles, does metal work, and has an avid interest in sustainability.
> An early adopter of Tor, Terry believes strongly in the right to privacy
> and the free and open access to knowledge as an equalizer.
> With the COO position, we will be organizing our HR and Finance teams to
> report to Terry. Garfield will continue as the CFO for the organization, a
> member of the C-level team, and Treasurer of the Board. His roles and
> responsibilities will remain unchanged, reporting to Terry. Terry and
> Garfield will manage all financial and business planning activities and are
> already making progress together. We’ll introduce Terry properly with a
> short Q&A at the April metrics meeting.
> It is with sadness that I report to you that Gayle Karen Young, Chief
> Talent and Culture Officer has decided move onto her next adventure. Gayle
> let me know she has been looking to move on some time ago, and she felt
> this was the right moment in time. In her three and a half years within the
> Foundation, she has made a tremendous impact creating a HR department that
> is fundamentally about caring for the people in the organization and
> offering services that allow people to do their best work, which has
> supported our mission to help our communities thrive and curate knowledge.
> While we will miss her wisdom and warmth, we thank her for her leadership
> and celebrate her future adventures. HR will report directly to Terry at
> this time.
> Our purpose is to help Wikimedians around the world make the sum of all
> knowledge available to everyone. We believe these changes, effective
> immediately, will help us focus on our continued service to our community
> and readers, and progress toward this mission.
> Please join me in welcoming Terry as the newest member of our leadership
> team and wishing Gayle well.  We have much exciting work in 2015, and I’m
> looking forward to all the great things we will accomplish as we work
> together to support our vision.
> ~~~~Lila
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